Where to go in Autumn?

Tyrol hikingOne place that is surely where you can visit in the Autumn season is Tyrol. Before the Autumn arrives, there is a so called ‘Indian Summer’ and this is right before the leaves of the trees turn red and yellow. What is amazing is the days are shorter and shorter when the evenings became much cooler and cooler. If you want to know what nature installs, first thing you can notice is the cattle returning from the alpine pastures. Particularly in Tyrol, it is not just a simple returning, but it is an event that is specially celebrated. So expect during this event lots of music as well as the local delicacies.

What you can do in Autumn

There are several things you can do in the outdoors in Tyrol: from nature parks, horse riding, mountains and hiking, paragliding and hang-gliding, other than seeing the return of the cattle back to their stables. Cattle refers to the 180 thousands of sheep, horses, goats and steers which were spending their summer time on the lush alpine pastures. They got there by lorries. In case you are wondering why they are not in the valley during the summer, it is to avoid an overgrown alpine pastures other than the need to buy additional food. It makes the change of environment for these animals something refreshing. Photographers will enjoy seeing cows being decorated with garlands and flowers and bells. How amazing did it get? Well, you can imagine a fashion show for these animals, so to speak. Since it is a celebration, you can try the traditional delicacies prepared by the farmers for this occasion. Sheep are clipped on this day as well. This is a tradition of the Tyrol being preserved and passed on. It is not just of great value, but it is an event where you can taste the dishes at the feast made using the traditional recipes.

Seefeld Plateau

Decorated Cattle ©hohe-salve.comYou may wish to check out the Seefeld plateau, about the natural conservation. The other is the entrace to the Ötz Valley. If you want marvelous views such as clear mountain streams to relax your body and soul, with clean air, you should really consider Hainzenberg. In Winter, this becomes a ski area for families with no crowded slopes and a place that is great for hiking. This region is also known as Gerlosstein.

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