Visitors guide to Heiligenkreuz

The Fountain House in Heiligenkreuz

The Fountain House in Heiligenkreuz ©korom/Flick

The name of the city means “Holy Cross” in German, and is mainly due to the Heiligenkreuz monastery, a place of great interest worldwide among Christians that consistently organizes pilgrimages to this place. The monastery addresses to also those tourists who wish to spend their holidays in beautiful and peaceful places, the prices being some of the lowest in the whole of Austria, and services some of the most pleasant and civilized.

The best time to visit the city of  Heiligenkreuz is spring, when it gets a special charm because of the many trees in bloom and the smell they spread.

The Monastery of Heiligenkreuz

Stift Heiligenkreuz, the monastery of this beautiful location in Austria, dates from 1133, being of Cistercian type, participating in its construction Prince Leopold III himself. The monument is the only construction built by this order still being in very good condition. The name of the city of Heiligenkreuz comes from the fact that in 1188 Prince Leopold III brought to the monastery a holy relic representing a piece of the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified. This relic can be admired today by pilgrims from all over the world in this Christian city. At the service can participate, besides of the 80 monks that are living in the monastery, everyone that appreciates speeches in Latin. All of the paintings are baroque, which gives the shrine a very romantic atmosphere. You can also participate, to the initiation services of novices, which are very spectacular.

The monastery of Heiligenkreuz

The monastery of Heiligenkreuz ©korom/Flick

The Fountain House and the Klosterneuburg

The fountain of the “Fountain House” was made in Rome in 1556, serving as a cleaning place up to the middle of the sixteenth century. Due to the high content of minerals in the water flowing here, this fountain is mostly covered with mineral deposits. Although most windows have been replaced with modern ones, the Fountain House retains an old, embellished look, especially the because of the original paintings dating from 1295. On the right side of this house you can see the second famous abbey of Heiligenkreuz, called Klosterneuburg, while in the left is the monastery of Heiligenkreuz.

The Fountain House in Heiligenkreuz

The Fountain House in Heiligenkreuz ©korom/Flick

Other sights

With only 1,422 residents, the city of Heiligenkreuz is not very large or doesn’t very many sights. However, if you are one of those tourists looking for a relaxing and peaceful vacation in Austria, you should definitely try this location, where you can breathe fresh air and enjoy the well-known Austrian hospitality.

In this part of Austria you can visit other abbeys as well, like Melk, dating from 1297. A number of castles can aslo be found in this part of Austria, including Burg Greifenstein, Burgruine Aggstein, Kuenringer, Grafenegg, Hof, Rohrrau or Rosenburg.

The chapel of the monastery in Heiligenkreuz

The chapel of the monastery in Heiligenkreuz ©korom/Flick

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