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Beautiful nature scenery in Gastein

Beautiful nature scenery in Gastein ©bortescristian/Flick

Forget the stress and tension and take a well deserved break for body and soul and spend a relaxing vacation in the Gastein Valley of Austria. The thermal galleries, thermal water and steam baths of the Alpentherme Bad Hofgastein Thermal Spa provide long-term improvement in symptoms and pain decrease in numerous medical conditions and physical recovery after injury.

It is also useful against stress. Spa therapy is a remedy that takes place over an extended period, where positive effects on the health of the pacient are made using heat, clean water, peat or mud.

The thermal water there contains radon gas that is the main pillarof the thermal cure in Gastein.

The facilities of the thermal spa in Gastein

The Alpentherme Bad Hofgastein Thermal Spa has six zones with different facilities, sky bar with glass walls offering a 360 degree panorama, geyser games, multimedia room, saunas, indoor and outdoor pools. The six areas include the Relax World, the Family World, the Sauna World, the Ladies World, the Sports World and the Gusto World. The center offers special entertainment for families with children in the Family World zone. You will have plenty of options to choose from if you are an athlete or if you just came to relax and get a treatment. The bathtub or underwater therapies, inhalations or peat packs are the most important types of balneotherapy in Gastein.

Bad Gastein

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Radon spa

The radon thermal baths are the most important ingredient in any cure in the Alpentherme Bad Hofgastein Thermal Spa. The special tubs hold 480 liters of thermal water at a temperature of 36-38 °C. The cure of the patient lasts from 15 to 22 minutes in water that has radon containing 52 nCi / l . The bath determines the body to overheat and accelerate metabolic processes. The radon stimulates the cell repair. Regularity baths help return the autonomic nervous system in a steady pace.

Beautiful nature scenery in Gastein

Beautiful nature scenery in Gastein ©bortescristian/Flick

Underwater therapy with radon

The subacvatical therapy is the most important means of treating the disorders of the spine and the joints in the Alpentherme Bad Hofgastein Thermal Spa. A physiotherapist will guide you to do exercises during individual treatments. If necessary, the treatment is completed by water jet massages the. The water is temperature is 34-36 °C, and the treatment is 25 minutes long.

Peat wrap

Peat hot packs are applied to certain parts of the body, increasing blood circulation and metabolic toxin elimination. The positive effects of the peat wrap include the pain relief, improved function and regeneration. If the patient is intolerant to peat, it might be replaced with bags of wildflowers.

Gastein Alpentherme

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