Vienna and the Arty Things to do

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This city has the best museums, lunch and drinking places and most of all, galleries. If you are the arty type or an historical buff, you may be inspired and might like the documentation about the aftermath of the war in Vienna entitled ‘Third Man’ private collection as well as the lobby cards, news-cuttings, original scripts, posters, military memorabilia, star portraits collected from everywhere around the world. These marketing tools and the gallery about it are all for you to recapture the moments. From Anton Karas’ original tune of the zither, the cap of Little Hansel as well as experiencing what post-war Viennese saw on a 35mm projector the premiere of an excerpt in the 1949. You can get to 3mpc – third man private museum at Gerhard Strassgschwandtner Pressgasse 25 in Vienna. This is really a special and immerse undertaking by both Alexander Korda and Graham Greene about this period, a recreation of the Third Man era.

Arty Trinity in Vienna

MQ Vienna Fashion

MQ Vienna Fashion

You cannot miss the Museumsquartier when you will be in Vienna. There is three behemoths and they are ideal for those who likes artistic stuffs. For example, the first is the Leopold Museum. Til August 27th, you can see the KLIMT up close and personal. This year, it is the 150th anniversary of Gustav Klimt, so there are a great deal of things to see. Kunsthalle Wien offers exhibitions such as The Circus as a Parallel Universe in MQ Hall 1, Cut-ups, Cut-ins, Cut-outs in MQ Hall 2, Lighting out for the Territories in Karlsplatz project space and Susanne Bisovsky MITGIFT at the MQ project wall. The there four other Exibitions two of which in the public spaces, for example the Ulrike Lienbacher, House of Cards showcase. The second is the Daniel Knorr sculpture named Explosion. You can also see the light strip by Doris Knecht in the Karlspatz public space and the video #77 by Kader Attia about the History of Reappropriation: History as a stake. MUMOK stands for Museum Moderner Kunst and it means the Museum of Modern Art Foundation Ludwig Vienna. In June til 23rd of Septembers, there is an interesting exhibition curated by Susaane Neuburger and Barbara Rudiger about ‘Reflecting Fashion’, ‘Art and Fashion since Modernism’. Besides understanding how artists have worked together since the beginning of the modernism, how increasing the close connections were formed between the genres, you also can find the answers to the questions of fashion designed by Julia Hohenwarter and Liesl Raff.



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