Tourist guide to Vienna

The Church of Saint Stephen in Vienna

The Church of Saint Stephen in Vienna ©MiGowa/Flick

Vienna is one of the most inspired choices for the lovers of art, music, history, people that are in a search for the perfect vacation that gives importance to relaxation on the one hand, and passions for certain categories of tourist attractions on the other hand. Being the capital of Austria, Vienna is one of the most popular cities in terms of  organizing a dream holiday. We offer a short tourist guide to Vienna with a few ideas about accommodation and the important tourist attractions of the city.

Located in the northeast of Austria, Vienna is a splendid city with Baroque style buildings that are preserved since the time of the Hapsburg Empire.

The city still has the imperial spirit of that time period. For example the pedestrian area in the downtown that currently has a circular road surrounding the entire Ringstrasse boulevard once was surrounded by the most important defense wall of Vienna.

Accommodation in Vienna

The Believe It or Not Hotel, located in an apartment in the district 7 near the center of Vienna, the Panda Hotel, the Rutheinstener Hotel located on the Hamerling Gasse and the Jugendherberge Hotel are just some of the accommodation units in Vienna that are available at quite high prices even when it is not the season of holidays. However, Vienna is well known as a city with the highest prices, so if you hope for a holiday without spending too much money, you should think about this twice. Even if you can afford a stay in Vienna you have to find a hotel place in advance especially in the summer months, because almost all of the accommodation units are occupied.

Hotel on the Ringstrasse

Hotel on the Ringstrasse ©Ethan Prater/Flick

Tourist attractions in Vienna

When you speak about the tourist attractions in Vienna, it is impossible to forget the material heritage of this beautiful capital city. The Church of the Virgin Mary on the shore is national church of the Czech community and it is dating from the 9th century. The church was originally a small chapel situated above the Danube. The proof of that time are the two paintings dedicated to the Saint Patron of Vienna, Clemens Maria Hofbauer. We also have to mention the Church of Saint Stephen, a beautiful cathedral which has a gorgeous view of the city from its tower.

The Church of Saint Stephen in Vienna

The Church of Saint Stephen in Vienna ©MiGowa/Flick

The Danube Tower is the highest building in Vienna and has two rotating panoramic restaurants located on top of the building. It has a breathtaking view of the city of Vienna that can not be unappreciated. For those who like the strong sensations, there is also a place for bungee jumping from heights between 150 and 170 meters.

There are many beautiful building on the Ringstrasse, palaces, museums, the Opera House, it is a real delight to the eye.

Last bu not at least, in a tourist guide to Vienna we must mention the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. It is a beautiful building with a breathtaking park. You have to buy a ticket if you want see the interior of the palace, but the garden is one of the few free places in the city.

The Schonbrunn Palace

The Schonbrunn Palace ©jay8085/Flick

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