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Beautiful old tower in Freistadt

Beautiful old tower in Freistadt ©lehaneb/Flick

Freistadt is a small town in Upper Austria in the Mühlviertel region. Freistadt was an old medieval town that separated the Habsburg land from the Bohemian land. Its history dates back to the Babenberger family who ruled Austria before the Habsburgs.

The fortifications, the double exterior and interior walls, the moats, towers and gates that surrounded the old town, all built between 1363 and 1393, still exists today. Due to its strategic position, the welfare of the city increased very much because any merchant who wanted to cross the city, had to pay a fee.


The Old Town of Freistadt

The main entrance to the Old Town of Freistadt is via the Linzertor that is 28 meters high. On its surface can still be seen the areas where the drawbridge was hanging. In the central square of Freistadt are 24 buildings protected as historical monuments, including the Old Tower or the Town Hall (Alter Rathausturm) built in Renaissance style. It is very robust because it is part of the city wall. The Parish Church of St. Catherine is a beautiful attraction, where you can especially admire vaulted roof with interlaced ribs and the 67 meters high baroque tower. Beyond the Böhmertor (Bohemian Gate), among old houses and public buildings, there is another noteworthy building, the St. Mary Church (Liebfrauenkirche)from the 15th century with impressive Gothic stained glass, called “pilasters of Light”.

The walls of Freistadt

The walls of Freistadt ©3j0hn/Flick

The Freistadt Castle

In the northeast corner of the market, a gate with a beautiful Gothic arch leads to Schloss Freistadt (Freistadt Castle) from the 14th century, that was serving as a substitute for the old castle. The 50 meters high Dungeon now houses the Mühlviertler Schlossmuseum, a local museum where you can admire artifacts related to the history of the land, pottery and handicrafts, and sometimes photography and painting exhibitions. In the former chapel of the castle is a large collection of verre églomisé (glass decorated with an etched gold layer).

Beautiful old tower in Freistadt

Beautiful old tower in Freistadt ©lehaneb/Flick

Other tourist attractions in Freistadt

Other sights worth visiting in Freistadt include the Scheiblingsturm, a tower built to protect the water flowing within the city from a pond, the Bürgerkorpsturm founded in 1777 bearing the name of an association formed by citizens in Freistadt for the protection of the city that still exists. The Dechanthofturm is a tower which was built for protection and is one of the most picturesque parts of the city including the “Dechanthof” which together with the tower is an impressive Baroque building. The Salzhof is the oldest building in town its name representing the permission to introduce and sell the salt in the Middle Ages.


Freistadt ©mag3737/Flick


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