Tourist guide to Ehrenhausen

The mausoleum in Ehrenhausen

The mausoleum in Ehrenhausen ©pikous/Flick

Ehrenhausen is one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Austria, being situated in the south eastern province of Styria. Although the number of inhabitants is just above 1,000, the city offers a wide range of opportunities, therefor you can spend here an unforgettable holiday. We present you a short tourist guide to Ehrenhausen including some major tourist attractions of the city.

From the entrance of the city, you will be greeted by the Duke Ruprecht von Eggenberg mausoleum, a leader who managed to defeat the Ottomans in 1593 at the Battle of Sisak. It is one of the outstanding personalities in the history of Austria.

Among the major attractions that can not be ignored by tourists are a number of buildings that are still bearing the family crest of those who have lived there in the past. The main attraction of the city of Ehrenhausen is probably the fortress built in the 16th century, and the most imposing church in the city, a true sample of Austrian architecture, built in Baroque style in the 15th century. The city market is also of a great interest. Both in the market, and in the surroundings you can find the most suitable accommodations in Ehrenhausen.

Parish church in Ehrenhausen

Parish church in Ehrenhausen ©pikous/Flick

The Parish Church of Ehrenhausen

When you visit Ehrenhausen, this beautiful city in Austria, you really need to get to the parish church built in Baroque style in 1752.

The façade of the Parish Church of Ehrenhausen is decorated very rich with many details and impressive statues, all made by the famous builder Johann Fuchs. The interior has a Rococo style. The paintings and statues here will actually give the impression that someone is actually watching every move, because they are made ​​to seem real. You will not be allowed to take pictures inside, for not damaging the artwork.

The exterior of the Parish church in Ehrenhausen

The exterior of the Parish church in Ehrenhausen ©pikous/Flick

The Mausoleum of Ehrenhausen

All tourists who come to the city of Ehrenhausen should visit the Mausoleum. This is the most special tourist attraction of the little Austrian town. Ruprecht von Eggenberg’s Mausoleum was built by the architect Johann Walter, according to the plans made ​​by Pietro Berries in 1610. The works were not completed until 1681-1682, but the result is truly spectacular. In this place are buried important people from the history of the city.

The facade is done in shades of blue ornated with painted figures of warriors that seem to protect the place. The mausoleum is accessible from the south of the city of Ehrenhausen, but to reach it you have to climb some stairs. The site was specifically chosen because is a more secluded, away from Turkish attacks in the past. The dome is very beautiful with painted angels on it. Unfortunately you cannot enter the mausoleum, but you should see it at least on the outside. The place where it is located is special, so you can enjoy stunning views!

The mausoleum in Ehrenhausen

The mausoleum in Ehrenhausen ©pikous/Flick

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