Tourist guide to Bregenz

The Aida at the outdoor theater in Bregenz

The Aida at the outdoor theater in Bregenz ©sd98fw897r/Flick

The capital of the Vorarlberg region, Bregenz is the westernmost Austrian Federal district. We offer you a short tourist guide to the city of Bregenz.

Located on the eastern shore of Lake Constance, it has an admirable relief: a plateau consisting of several terraces at the foot of Mount Pfänder. Great news for the lovers of alpine tourism is that this mountain has a height of 1,064 meters and borders a really great landscape. The splendid environment is one of the reasons why a large number of tourists gather in this town to watch the well-known music festival called the Bregenzer Festspiele.

Bregenz has celtic origins and is much younger than most cities in Austria. It is a meeting place for philosophers, politicians, writers and musicians. The synergy of the crowd consisting of people from the sphere of culture is probably due to the presence of several important cultural monuments as the Martyrs Tower, the Art House, the St. Gallus Church or the Promenade Lake.

The city of Bregenz

The city of Bregenz ©Andrew Hayward/Flick

Tourist attractions in the upper part of the city

In the upper part of the city of Bregenz, you will certainly find tourists interested in history, spread around the buildings from the 13th century. The buildings as the Old Town Hall, the Martinsturm, the Gothic Church or the Herz-Jesu Church will delight your eyes and will take you back to the Celtic times.

Tourist attractions in the upper part of Bregenz

The lower part of Bregenz is also full of history. We recommend you to visit the Bregenz City Hall, the Gothic Seekapelle dating from 1686 or the Kornhausmarkt or the Landhaus that houses a theater, the Protestant Church of the Holy Cross built in 1862, the Church of St. Kolumban, the Kunsthaus Bregenz and the Tourismushaus tourist center. You will also find here the Vorkloster district, which offers attractions like the Church of Maria Hilf. On the Gebhardsberg Square you will find the remains of the fortress of the Hohenbregenz family destroyed in 1647 by the Swedes.

Seekapelle in Bregenz

Seekapelle in Bregenz ©korom/Flick

The cultural life of the city of Bregenz

Around the Lake of Constance is annually held an internationally known festival, the Bregenzer Festspiele, an event that gathers the opera lovers from worldwide. Th Seebühne scene, located on the water is offering a great show for over 7,000 spectators, the opera piece being changed every two years. For exemple we mention Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida and the gorgeous Tosca by Giacomo Puccini that were played there a few years ago.

Other notable scenes among the Bregenzer Festspiele festival performances are the Festspielhaus, the Werkstattbühne, the am Kornmarkt theater and the Kosmos theater.

Among the personalities who were born or lived in the city of Bregenz we mention Hans-Peter Martin, actors Sieghardt Rupp and Karl Michael Vogler, graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister and the Turkish historian İlber Ortayl.

The Aida at the outdoor theater in Bregenz

The Aida at the outdoor theater in Bregenz ©sd98fw897r/Flick

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