Tourist guide to Braunau Am Inn

The town of Branau am Inn

The town of Branau am Inn ©Stefan Barth/Flick

Located in the region of  Innviertel in Upper Austria (Oberösterreich), the town of Braunau am Inn is situated at just 90 kilometers from Linz and at 60 kilometers from Salzburg, close to the border with the German Bavaria. It is known worldwide because it is the birthplace of Adolf Hitler.

We try to be objective in our tourist guide to Branau am Inn and consider other aspects of the region as well, both historical, industrial or cultural. Braunau am Inn belonged to Bavaria until 1779, which justifies the influence of the German culture, the local customs and the architecte of the buildings.


Historical attractions

In 1889, Adolf Hitler was born here, in Ranshofen, an area that was later annexed to the city. One hundred years later, Gerhard Skiba build a memorial dedicated to the victims of the Second World War, even near the house where grew up the one that caused their death.

In Braunau am Inn you will also find a remarkable church that dates back to the XV century, being the third largest in the whole Austria, with a tower that measures no less than 99 meters and being under the patronage of Saint Stephen.

The tower of Branau am Inn

The tower of Branau am Inn ©Stefan Barth/Flick

The remains of an old castle is hosting a beautiful museum and in the vicinity can still be seen the ruins of the former city walls.

So, we can say that Braunau am Inn is a history lesson that includes hundreds of years, including notable events, until today.

The industry of the town

Braunau am Inn has a rich industry. It is a place where electronics are produced and metals, wood and glass are processed. There is also the largest aluminum processing factory in Austria.

The town of Branau am Inn

The town of Branau am Inn ©Stefan Barth/Flick

Sports in Branau am Inn

The football team of Braunau am Inn, FC Braunau has long been in the first division of the national football championship until the moment he collapsed, an event greeted with sadness by people.

The picturesque scenery of the medieval part of Braunau am Inn is perfect for walking in the fresh air, but also for shopping. There you find some of the most beautiful and largest stores.

Those who love sports will find many opportunities in this city to enjoy their favorite activities. In October 2010 was opened an ultra -modern swimming pool, which offers the possibility of spa treatments at quite affordable prices.


The city of Branau am Inn

The city of Branau am Inn ©Stefan Barth/Flick

You can also book you accommodation in Bran am Inn and participate in tours that are constantly held in nearby towns with the opportunity to visit historical and cultural monuments around the area. You will see at this occasion chapels, nature landscapes, castles, markets and museums, all at a low price and transportation included.

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