Tourist guide to Bad Aussee

The lake in Bad Aussee

Lake in Bad Aussee ©Mr Thinktank/Flick

Bad Aussee is a city in Austria located in Styria. The landscape that the tourists can admire there it is extremely special because it is the meeting point of the three tributaries of the River Traun and the because of the richness of the forests surrounding the town.

This city is a cultural and economic center for the entire region, even if the population exceeds with only a very little the number of 5000 inhabitants. We would like to include in our brief tourist guide to Bad Aussee some practical information, a brief history and the main tourist attractions of the city.


History of the town

Bad Aussee covers an area of ​​82.03 square kilometers along the Liezen district. It is thought that it dates back to the Middle Ages, this fact being supported by the discovery of historical artefacts in the cave near Salzofenhöhle. In the year 1295 it was one of the most important markets in the region, keeping this position until today. However, the main area that focuses the attention of both the residents and those who come to the town of Bad Aussee, is tourism, as reflected by the steadily growing number of those who want to visit these places.

Old building in Bad Aussee

Old building in Bad Aussee ©Mr Thinktank/Flick

Tourist attractions

Among the attractions in Bad Aussee tourists can visit the salt mine (Altaussee Salzbergwerk), the Kammerhof Museum or the gingerbread factory (Lebkuchen Ausseer). Many tourists come to this city also because of its spa, called Vital Bad Aussee, that offers very good treatments using the method called Kneipp.

In winter, both the residents and the tourists of Bad Aussee, practice winter sports on the two slopes, Loser and Tauplitz. From Loser you can admire the incredible scenic view of the Dachstein glacier lake. On the other hand, on Tauplitz you will find the most interesting accommodation alternatives in Bad Aussee at night and great tourist services.

There are five lakes in Bad Aussee, each of them being an another place of interest for tourists, including Altaussee (Altausseersee) Sommersbergersee, Grundlsee Toplitzsee and Kammersee.

The lake in Bad Aussee

Lake in Bad Aussee ©Mr Thinktank/Flick

Traditions and festivals

Local customs are another reason that attracts tourists. Celebrations as the Faschingsdienstag, the Narzissenfest or the Glöckler und Berigeln are awaited with great impatience by all those who live in the region.

If you visit Bad Aussee, you will notice the Tracht, the traditional costume of the indigenous population, whose name may have negative meanings in other parts of Austria.

Among the personalities who have lived here we mention Klaus Maria Brandauer, Ulla Weigerstorfer, and the memebers of the band called Joy.

Park in Bad Aussee

Park in Bad Aussee ©Mr Thinktank/Flick

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