Top 5 tourist attractions in Steyr

City center with the house of Schubert

City center with the house of Schubert ©Jimmy Benson ?/Flick

Steyr is a beautiful town in Austria, were you can spend some unforgettable days.

The city is culturally very rich and offers many attractions that should be visited.

The city of Steyr provides many beautiful places, so your holiday will surely be rich from all points of view.

We would like to present the top 5 tourist attractions in Steyr, which includes a castle, museums, churches and other famous buildings.


The house of Franz Schubert

If you take a city tour you have to visit Franz Schubert’s house, especially if you are a classical music amateur. The composer died young, when he was 31 years old, and his house was turned into a museum.

City center with the house of Schubert

City center with the house of Schubert (green house on the left) © Jimmy Benson ?/Flick

The museums of the city

The Arbeitswelt Museum (Museum of the Working World) was built with much effort, since under the main lobby is flowing lazily the river of Steyr. Here you will have an important lesson about the industrial and social evolution of the settlement, and the industrial development in several parts of the world. The entrance ticket costs five euros.

The Main City Museum was built in the early seventeenth century, between 1611 and 1613. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Steyr. The exhibited works are generally present iron processing and the collections focus on tools as hammers, scythes, knives and other weapons. They still blends nicely with many paintings and sculptures mostly made by local artists

Lamberg Castle

The Lamberg Castle is one of the most important tourist attractions in Steyr and rises on one of the peaks of Steyr. The building was renovated in the 18th century because of an unfortunate fire that has left its mark on the place. Today tourists can see the remains of the old building. The library has a collection of 11,000 books, most of them very old. For this part of the castle you need to book in advance. Sometimes it is possible that there are taking place some special events such as weddings and other events.

Lamberg Castle in Steyr

Lamberg Castle in Steyr ©Jimmy Benson ?/Flick

Beautiful old buildings of the city

The City Hall and the Bummerlhaus are two famous tourist attractions. The City Hall is a gorgeous rococo building that has four levels and one tower. The Bummerlhaus is a beautiful large old Gothic house, the most famous in Central Europe.

Churches in Steyr

Churches are also numerous in Steyr and they are all beautiful and unique in their own way. You really need to see the Saint Michael Church, a sanctuary built in Roman Catholic style. Three floors and two towers are open to the public. Inside of the church you can see furniture made between 1763 and 1771. Of course, the church has changed over time, but lasted very well.

An other important tourist attraction is the Saint Mary Church, which was built between 1472 and 1478. The shrine inside the church is a symbol of the sanctuary and has many details and decorations.

Saint Michael Church

Saint Michael Church © Jimmy Benson ?/Flick

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