Top 5 restaurants in the Austrian ski resorts

Lech am Arlberg

Lech am Arlberg ©jharrendorf/Flick

Austria is well known for its numerous and various ski resorts. Many tourists come to this beautiful country to spend some days in the snowy mountains. But you will not spend your holiday only on the slopes. It’s a shame not to explore the Austrian cuisine in the best restaurants that the ski resorts of the Austrian Alps offer to its tourists.

They have top chefs, good wine and good atmosphere that satisfies every taste. The top  5 restaurants in the Austrian ski resorts include the Goldener Hirsch Restaurant, the Schloss Fuschl Restaurant and the Ikarus in Salzburg, the Hospiz in Lech am Arlberg and the Gringgeler Stuba in Oberlech.

Schloss Fuschl Restaurant

The Schloss Fuschl means a culinary journey of pleasure in a dream restaurant housed in a castle. The Schloss Fuschl Restaurant in Salzburg offers little bit of everything: from traditional Austrian dishes to high class cuisine with various kinds of fish caught right from the farm of the castle. On sunny days you can enjoy the view of the lake from the terrace, and you can also attend a wine tasting in the wine cellar. You will be served a variety of delicious cheeses or a cheese fondue in perfect harmony with these special wines.


Schloss Fuschl Restaurant

Schloss Fuschl Restaurant ©xlibber/Flick

Goldener Hirsch Restaurant

You will find the Goldener Hirsch Restaurant in the Herbert-von-Karajan square in Salzburg. Once, in the same place was a blacksmith shop, and now here you’ll find one of the most luxurious hotels in the resort, preferred by famous personalities, politicians, stars and rich people. The decor has kept the rustic air. The object that attracts everyone’s attention is solid wood table near the old fireplace, which is a piece of the original furniture of the place.

Chef Gernot Hicka is working in this top restaurant for 16 years and you’ll see his personal imprint on the dishes served here: from traditional Austrian dishes to international cuisine, which brought it several important international awards. Ask for mousse with ham and for Cumberland sauce, venison with red cabbage and Bohemian dumplings with cranberry. The most beloved dessert is a chocolate sponge with chocolate mousse, which is said to have been created specifically for the lover of a Belgian princess.

Ikarus Restaurant

Salzburg is full of tourists every winter with people who go skiing. If you get there, try to make a reservation at Ikarus, located in the airport of the resort. It is absolutely one of the top 5 restaurants of the Austrian ski resorts and the team here plays by its own rules. You’ll notice that even on the uniforms they wear. The chefs have chosen black clothes instead of the usual white gowns and caps were replaced by baseball caps with the inscription: Hangar-7. This is the name of the building where the Ikarus is, it is the place of an airplane collection and art exhibitions.
Chef Roland Trettl is working here since the restaurant opened in 2003, but there is a program at Ikarus that invites other famous chefs to cook here for a month.

Hangar-7 with the Ikarus Restaurant

Hangar-7 with the Ikarus Restaurant ©Sporthotel Achental/Flick

Griggeler Stuba Restaurant

The Griggeler Stuba in Oberlech (Vorarlberg) is one of the top 5 Austrian ski resort restaurants and the chefs of it relies everything on aromatic herbs and special spices. These are the main ingredients of the dishes that will delight not only the eye, but the smell as well. Chef Thorsten Probost received numerous awards for the great menu and the wines that are served to the customers of the restaurant received the  “Best of Award of Excellence 2009” from the “Wine Spectator” American magazine, which certifies that the cellar you will find here has the largest selection of wines in the world.

Hospiz Restaurant

The Hospiz Restaurant is in Lech am Arlberg (Tirol) and is the best place to try gourmet dishes in the Alps. The restaurant is a cozy cottage and is always searched by the ones with fine taste. Chef Gunnar Huhn promises to delight your senses with cooked lobster and scallops, with special wines from the restaurant’s own wine cellar. All those who have been there know that the restaurant deserves the awards received over the years and all the menus are based on exceptional ingredients.

Lech am Arlberg

Lech am Arlberg ©jharrendorf/Flick


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