Top 5 Most Romantic Cities in Austria

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Austria is a wonderful country and you can visit any place to find real beauties. It is really difficult to decide which are the most beautiful cities of the country, and this is not our intention. We have simply chosen five breathtaking cities that are worth visiting.

The top five romantic cities in Austria are: St. Pölten, the oldest city in the country, Herzogenburg with its monasteries, Hinterbrühl with Europe’s largest underground lake, Perchtoldsdorf with its antique buildings and the wonderfully diverse Mödling.

Sankt Pölten

The town of Sankt Pölten received first city rights in Austria, so it can be considered the oldest city in the country. It is the beautiful capital city of Lower Austria since 1986, therefore is the youngest provincial capital and one of the most beautiful baroque town in the state.

Not only the town hall and the cathedral, but the houses are proof of this. It is worth to spend some romantic days in Austria in the city that lies on the Traisen river and in the neighborhood of the Alps.

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The main attraction of Herzogenburg is the Augustine abbey. Besides of their artistic creation many of the monasteries keep extraordinary works of art.

In Herzogenburg is one of the largest monastic collections in Lower Austria: Gothic panel paintings and altars, baroque filigree and coin collections. A visitor walks through the following beautiful rooms: grand staircase, banquet hall, chapel, treasury, library and the baroque image collection.

After visiting the monastery we can take a walk on the romantic baroque square of this beautiful small town.

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In the town of Hinterbrühl lies Europe’s largest underground lake in a system of caves called Seegrotte. The lake-cave appeared when the former 3 level gypsum mine was flooded.

During the visit we can get acquainted with the secrets of the cave on foot and by boat. What can be more romantic than sitting in a boat on this magical illuminated underground lake?

Also a part of “The Three Musketeers” by Disney was filmed in the lake and the beautiful Viking boat was left there.

The romantic underground lake in the city of Hinterbrühl ©


Perchtoldsdorf has been a popular tourist destination near Vienna since the Biedermeier period. In the storms of the centuries the small town has preserved its medieval city center, which is famous of its fort-temple with the 60 meter high free-standing peel-tower.

The other attractions of this small romantic town are: 15 century town hall, baroque plague column, the old Gothic and Renaissance houses, many of which inner courtyards are wonderfully decorated as well.

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The main street in the city of Mödling is not only a shopping street, but there are the most important attractions as well. Some of the buildings are from the Middle Ages, another part is from Renaissance, but we can also recognize the signs of secession.

Not only Beethoven loved this area, but other composers, poets and painters happily visited this romantic city.

The beautiful city of Mödling ©korom/Flick


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