Top 3 tourist attractions in Bad Aussee

Austrian gingerbread

Austrian gingerbread ©Oscar Hanzely/Flick

Bad Aussee is a beautiful small town in a majestic surrounding that can be visited in summer and winter as well. We present you the top 3 tourist attractions in Bad Aussee, so you can plan in advance to visit them. Currently, the salt mine in Bad Aussee is the only one functional salt mine in Austria.

Tourists also have the opportunity to discover the Kammerhof Museum, which is housed in a building raised in the early 17th century. The gingerbread factory is a very sweet attraction of the city, which has its doors opened to tourists in all periods of the year.


The salt mine in Bad Aussee

One of the symbols of Bad Aussee in Austria is definitely the salt and the salt mine  is an important tourist attraction of the city. Every year thousands of people come here to enjoy a very healthy and interesting underground visit. Inside of the salt mine you will discover a true spectacle of nature and you will be able to see different shapes that were formed naturally. The beautiful salt lake is one of the most important point od the mine. You also need to see the chapel, which is unique in the world. It is advisable to dress a bit thicker when you come here, as temperatures drop sharply as you go underground.

Bad Aussee with a beautiful surrounding

Bad Aussee with a beautiful surrounding ©Mr Thinktank/Flick

The Kammerhof Museum

This tourist attraction of Bad Aussee tells the story of the local history, and the production of salt that was very important for the city over the time. Inside the museum visitors can see some portraits of Anna Plochl, an interesting character in Bad Aussee who violated laws to marry a Habsburg prince. The history of the salt mine also has a special importance, you can see what were the conditions in which people were working, what kind of clothes were they wearing and the tools that they were using. Besides the exhibits well organized and arranged in the rooms of the Kammerhof Museum, tourists can visit the city library that is also found here, and a special room for toys.

The charming Bad Aussee

The charming Bad Aussee ©Mr Thinktank/Flick

The gingerbread factory

From the Gingerbread factory in Bad Aussee you can have beautiful views over the surrounding mountains. Periodically at the hingerbread factory are organized guided tours, when a specialized person can explain everything you see. Tourists will discover this way the gingerbread history, and different recipes that are used for its preparation. In the factory there are numerous mechanism used to prepare the gingerbread, so at the end of your visit you will know exactly how this culinary delights are made.

Moreover, before leaving this sweet tourist attraction in Bad Aussee, you can indulge yourself in the attached shop which provides several types of gingerbread.

Austrian gingerbread

Austrian gingerbread ©Oscar Hanzely/Flick


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