Top 3 Baroque Churches in Innsbruck

The Saint Jacob Dom in Innsbruck

The Saint Jacob Dom in Innsbruck ©Fergus McNeill/Flick

When you say Innsbruck, your mind flies to an Alpine ski resort. It can be an other reason of your delight when visiting the town, which will surely enchant you. All of Tyrol is beautiful and Innsbruck confirms this truth once again.

Today we present the top 3 Baroque churches in Innsbruck. In the south-eastern suburb of the town lies the splendid Wilten basilica built on the foundations of a former chapel. The Hofkirche was built as a mausoleum for Maximilian I and then rebuilt in the Baroque style by Georg Anton Gumpp. The third Baroque religious building is the Cathedral of Saint Jakob.


Wilten Basilica

The Wilten Basilica was built in 1751 – 1756 to accommodate the painting Madonna of the Four Columns, which have been attributed miracles. This church in Innsbruck was designed by Franz de Paula Penz and the interior is decorated in rococo style. The main altar with its color scheme in gold, pink and yellow includes a picture from the 14th century depicting the Virgin Mary. An elaborate canopy supported by four slender columns guards the picture. The paintings on the ceiling were made by artist Matthaus Gundter from Augsburg.

The Wilten Basilica in Innsbruck

The Wilten Basilica in Innsbruck ©thisisbossi/Flick


The Hofkirche (Hof Church) is guarded by massive statues and was built in 1553-1563. This imperial church of Innsbruck houses the tomb of Emperor Maximilian I. The tomb was designed by Maximilian himself and although his plans were never totally made, the construction completed in 1587 is truly impressive. The church is considered a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture.

In the center of the church is the sarcophagus with a statue depicting the emperor knelt. The bas-reliefs on the sides present scenes from the life of Maximilian. The tomb is guarded by iron statues, larger than the state of a man. But the body of the king rests Wiener Neustadt, Lower Austria, so that the tomb is empty. The imposing Renaissance portal at the entry of the church was built in 1553-1563 as a tribute to Maximilian I and his family. The current appearance of the vaults is dating from the early 17th century, when the church was rebuilt in Baroque style. The Silver Chapel houses the tomb of Archduke Ferdinand II and that of his beloved wife, Philippine Welser, both being made by the Dutch artist Colin Alexander.

The Hofkirche in Innsbruck

The Hofkirche in Innsbruck ©Allie_Caulfield/Flick

Saint Jakob Cathedral

In the Baroque St. Jakob Dom or the Cathedral of Saint Jakob you can see lovely frescoes by Cosmas Damian Asam and a painting by Lucas Cranach the Elder called  Madonna with the Child. This church in Innsbruck was built in Baroque style in the early 18th century by Johann Jacob Herkomer. It was severely damaged in the Second World War and then rebuilt in the 1950s. At that time were added the sculptures and the statue of St. James on the roof according to the initial project. The cupola paintings are depicting scenes from the life of Saint James. The cathedral is considered to be the most beautiful Baroque church in Northern Tyrol.

The Saint Jacob Dom in Innsbruck

The Saint Jacob Dom in Innsbruck ©Fergus McNeill/Flick

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