Things to know about Hallein for visitors

Hallein and the Salzach Rive

Hallein and the Salzach River @roger4336/Flick

Hallein is a historic town in the Austrian state of Salzburg, the capital of the Hallein district. It is located in the region of Tennengau, at about 15 km in the south of Salzburg, along the Salzach River in the shadow of the Untersberg Mountains, near the border with Germany.

With a population of about 20,000 people, Hallein is the second largest city in the state of Salzburg and because of its salt mines in Mount Dürrnberg was also the main source of wealth of the region since the Middle Ages. Nowadays Hallein is still has an economic importance, even though the mining has stopped.

In the following we present you some things to know about Hallein for visitors including the main tourist attractions of the city.

The baroque city center

The city center of Hallein is known for its baroque architecture. It is divided between the upper and lower area of the market. Due to the efforts of the authorities, the buildings that were in poor condition have been reconditioned to revive the old city. Therefor the dream streets, the romantic places and all other wonderful buildings make this city a jewel of medieval architecture, being classified as a historical monument. A walk through the old city takes you back to the times when salt was called “white gold”.

The baroque city center of Hallein

The baroque city center of Hallein @currybet/Flick

The salt mines of Hallein

If you still want to travel back in time, you can visit the salt mines in Hallein, some of the oldest mines in the world that are opened to the public. Celtic tribes began to cut salt from the mountain, a group of Illyrians even built a city with wooden fortress on Mount Dürrnberg. Their welfare has left behind a number of testimonials as archaeological finds, most being exhibited in the Salzburger Museum including the famous “Schnabelkanne”.

At the entrance greets you a guide in traditional costume, you’re urged to dress in a white robe similar to his, to not get dirty inside the cave. After climbing up in a train, you are offered a complete tour of the mine, well prepared and with small spots of information and multimedia clips about the history of mining and salt trade. The tour ends with a gift shop and a museum inside the mountain, relatively new, which contains exhibitions about Celtic life and other key events in the history of the mines. As in all other areas of the Hallein Salt Mine, all explanations are found in many languages ​​, and guides are used to a very diverse audience.

Landscape in Hallein

Landscape in Hallein @roger4336/Flick

Tourist activities in Hellein

From Hallein you can go on hiking on the mountain or you can go by the cable car called Zinkenbahn. Before leaving the town, you can stop at the Kaltenhausen Brewery, the oldest brewery in Salzburg, which, although is not part of the consortium of brewers, is producing some intriguing, but appreciated beers. Try for example the famous “Kaltenhausener Bernstein” – “Ambra Kaltenhausener”, a weak amber beer served in special glasses.

Hallein and the Salzach Rive

Hallein and the Salzach River @roger4336/Flick


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