The Ort Castle in Gmunden

Schloss Orth in Gmunden

Schloss Orth in Gmunden ©korom/Flick

Gmunden is not a big city, but it is also not a small sleepy village. It is a city with a pleasant atmosphere, a secular culture, romantic and lively, a seductive place of contrasts, with noisy or more quiet hours, which invites you to a walk, to go shopping, to enjoy all the perfect accommodation facilities in Gmunden, to engage in sport activities, simply enjoying all these and many others that are at your disposal.

At a distance of 170 km to the west from Vienna, Gmunden is surrounded by high mountains such as Mount Traunstein (1,691 m), Mount Erlakogel (1,570 m), Mount Wilderkogel (2,091 m) and Mount Höllengebirge.

Owners of the castle

Over time the castle has belonged to several owners, including Herren von Ort, Emperor Friedrich III, Emperor Rudolf II, Adam Graf von Herberstorff, Emperor Leopold I, Johann Salvator of Austria-Tuscany, Emperor Franz Joseph I. After the Second World War the Austrian Federal Forests owned the castle and since 1988 belongs to the town of Gmunden.

Ort Castle on the Lake Traun

Ort Castle on the Lake Traun ©korom/Flick

The most important elements of the castle

The Ort Castle in Gmunden is located on the Lake of Traun (Traunsee), not far from the city center, being visible from the city esplanade. It is the oldest building in the area, the first mention dating from 909. In its current form exists from 1634 after the old castle was burned during the peasant uprising of 1626. The castle was built in late Gothic style, it has 2 floors, an irregular shape and a triangular courtyard. The name of the Ort Castle comes from the Ort lords who lived in the eleventh and twelfth centuries.

The attractions that can be found here include a church built in 1634 and dedicated to the Apostle James the Great, a dungeon, the former prison cells, interior halls, a gothic terrace, a restaurant, a museum and a souvenir shop. There was filmed the television series Schlosshotel Orth. Numerous cultural events, concerts and nearly 400 weddings are held annually at the castle.

Schloss Orth in Gmunden

Schloss Orth in Gmunden ©korom/Flick

Visiting the Castle of Ort

A guided visit to the tower of the Castle of Ort in Gmunden costs 2 euros for adults, 1.5 euros for groups of 10 people and for children between 14 and 18 years and 3 euros for families with children. The visiting hours are approximately between 09:00-18:00.

The castle is located in a beautiful landscape on Lake Traun (Traunsee) overlooking to the Salzkammergut mountains. To get here from downtown Gmunden you can follow the Scharnsteiner street or the Esplanade beginning at City Hall and going untilthe Toscanapark. The access from the park to the castle is through a long wooden bridge.

Ort Lake Castle in Gmunden

Ort Lake Castle in Gmunden ©korom/Flick

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