The most interesting museums in Graz

Open Air museum in Stübing

Open Air museum in Stübing ©Marc St/Flick

In Graz are over 20 museums including the Museum of Natural History, the Museum of the Roman Catholic Church, the Museum of Archeology, the Folklore Museum, the Museum of Criminology, a museum for children and many more. Every one of them is interesting, but in our opinion, the most interesting museums in Graz that can reach many age groups includes the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum and the Open Air Museum.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum occupies a part of the fitness center where the child Arnold started his bodybuilding career. The Open Air Museum is located in the surroundings of Graz, more exactly in Stübing, at 15 km to the north-west.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum

In the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum in Graz can be seen objects and images that illustrate the life and career of Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger. Since the age of 10, Arnold was fascinated of the physique of the weightlifters and he dreamed of walking them on shoulders, to get famous and to go to America. He trained assiduously and his dreams were fulfilled. He won five times the title of Mister Universe and since 1968 he lives in Santa Monica, California.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, at age 14

Arnold Schwarzenegger, at age 14 ©liborkriz/Flick

In 1970 he began his film career with Hercules in the city of New York, and he is still acting. He is married since 1986 and has four children. In 1999, his native city named him an Honorary Citizen of Graz and the new stadium bears his name. At the U.S. elections in October 2003 he became governor of California and he left his position in 2011.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum is opened from Monday to Friday between 6:00 and 22:00 and on Saturday, on Sunday and on public holidays is opened between 10:00 and 21:00. The admission to the museum is free.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2012

Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2012 ©Gage Skidmore/Flick

The Open Air Museum

Spread over 50 hectares, this interesting museum comprises approximately 90 rural houses arranged according to the geographical regions of the country. After it shows houses from the plains of Burgenland, follow the Eastern Alps of Styria and Carinthia. After the houses from the Danube Valley, you can see houses from the Alps of Tyrol and Vorarlberg.

The houses are mostly made of wood and contain specific furniture to the area with swings, spinning wheels, racks and tools. There are represented the old rural workshops as well: a sawmill, a blacksmith, a mill, a wood carving workshop. The emblem of the Open Air Museum in Graz is a rose carved in wood, the year 1721 being encrusted on it.

Open Air museum in Stübing

Open Air museum in Stübing ©Marc St/Flick


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