The Medieval Maria Theresia Strasse

Annasaule ©Siannon/flickr

Annasaule ©Siannon/flickr

In the background with the majestic mountain range of Karwendel, you will find the Maria Theresia Strasse or Maria Theresa Street as it is so close to the medieval old town. Next to a beautiful historic town center, museums, buildings with an old world charm, churches, it is an interesting boulevard. With such an interesting view of the Baroque Triumphal Arch that represents the emblem of this concomitant city.

Leading you to the medieval Innsbruck, you became funneled through and all around you are shops and restaurants with numerous gorgeous buildings. Watch those ‘price-less’ menus at cafes as it might have mistakenly make you think it will be affordable. It is a tourist belt after all. Stroll along the street and it leads you through the Old Town to the Golden Roof.

Column Annasaule

You will not miss the column in the middle of the street in the city centre. Column Annasaule is a monument built to celebrate the liberation from the Bavarians in 1703, to thank the brave men who fought and save Innsbruck from the aggression. Before 26th July, Bavarian soldiers tried to occupy Innsbruck, fortunately they did not make it.

Grassmayr Bell Museum

The Bell Museum (in German Glockengiesserei Grassmayr) displays the process of bell making. And within the discovery of its detailed and long history, check out the exhibits of the many different types of bells at Leopoldstrasse 53, Innsbruck.

Court Church of Innsbruck

©Matthias Lang/flickr

©Matthias Lang/flickr

Hofkirche is a sacred destination featuring famous graves. It is the Gothic royal court church and mausoleum since 1553. The highlight is the unsurpassed tomb of the Emperor Maximilian which is in an ornate black marble. It is definitely a fine example of a German Renaissance sculpture with the intention to glorify the Holy Roman Empire.

There are 24 marble reliefs which depicts the emperor’s accomplishments. His ancestors, both real and legendary, including King Arthur of England are made into larger-than-life-size statues. Three out of these twenty-eight statues were sculpted based on the designs by Dürer.

Silver Chapel

You must also check out the elaborate Silver Chapel up the stairs. It is better known as Silberne Kapell and you will find it opposite the entrance. You can’t miss it as it is adorned with a lavish altar with a silver-embossed wood Madonna and the silver represents the Laurentanian Litany. This 1578 chapel was built as a tomb of the Archduke Ferdinand II and Philippine Welser.

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