The famous Sisi Museum in Vienna

Empress Elisabeth

Empress Elisabeth ©korom/Flick

Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie de Wittelsbach commonly known as Sisi remained for long in popular culture as a beautiful and acclaimed empress.

At the Sisi Museum in Vienna at the Hofburg Imperial Apartments you can compare the reality with the myths.

Among the tourist attractions you will find the personal objects of Elizabeth as well as famous portraits of the beautiful empress.


The central concern of the exhibition is the private life of Elizabeth, her rebellion against the ceremonial of the court, her escape in the cult of beauty, her obsession to remain slender, its sporting performances and her exalted poetry. Beginning with her carefree childhood in Bavaria, through her surprising engagement with the Austrian emperor until her assassination in 1898 in Geneva, the Museum shows the hectic life of the legendary empress.

The Sissi Museum or Imperial Apartments in Vienna

The Sisi Museum or Imperial Apartments in Vienna ©-JvL-/Flick

Dresses of the empress

Among the several objects of the Sisi Museum you will find one of the few summer dresses that remained from the empress. You can also see some restored dresses of Sisi as the one worn by the young bride at the party before the wedding, but also the dress she worn at her coronation as Empress of Hungary.

Sissi of Bavaria

Sisi of Bavaria ©Chris1002x/Flick

Personal objects of Sisi at the museum

Beside these you will find famous portraits, a miniature secretaire with envelopes, some of them hand painted by Elisabeth, the watercolor box of Sisi, a voyage pharmacy with 63 pieces of luggage and a functional reconstruction of the luxurious imperial carriage. The Sisi Museum in Vienna also presents objects from the childhood of Elisabeth including the harp brought by the queen from Bavaria and a restored dress.

Objects related to death in the family of Elisabeth

In the museum are also exposed 6 pieces of the mourning jewelry set made of onyx and jade worn at the death of her son Prince Rudolf. The black cloak with egret feathers that covered Sisi when she was taken back to the Beau Rivage Hotel in Geneva as well as the death mask of the assassinated queen is a reminder of the tragic event.

Visiting the Sisi Museum

Visiting the Imperial Apartments and the Silberkammer (Silver Gallery) you can get an impression of the daily life of the monarchs.

Habsburg dining service

Habsburg dining service ©Vicky Hugheston/Flick

At Hofburg Café you can enjoy some excellent specialties.

The Sisi Museum, the Imperial Apartments and the Silver Camera can be visited with a single ticket!

The Sisi ticket at a price of 23.50 Euro covers the entrance to the Schönbrunn Palace and a Grand Tour with audio guide (no waiting time), including the royal apartments and the Silberkammer(Silver Gallery), at the furniture warehouse of the Imperial court and the in Vienna Furniture Museum.

Empress Elisabeth

Empress Elisabeth ©korom/Flick

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