The Celtic Museum in Hallein

The Celtic Museum in Hallein

The Celtic Museum in Hallein @CeBepuH/Flick

In Celtic, the name “Hallein” means “City of Salt ” (hall – saline). The strong influx of immigrants, due to the development of other industries, such as wood, the city got the nickname of “Little Istanbul”. Despite its economic importance, Hallein remained an important tourist destination.

This is mainly due to short trips from Salzburg made ​​by tourists to visit the salt mines, which are now a series of mines organized in a form of exhibition and also the Celtic Museum in Hallein (Keltenmuseum) and the downtown, all making the city of Hallein a very popular target even for foreign tourists.


Connection with Salzaburg

Hallein is a rustic town that is very well connected with Salzburg through a highway, a railway and a number of public transport. In summer, you can also enjoying a relaxing and rewarding journey and cycling route between Salzburg – Hallein along the River of Salzach. If you choose this option you will easily see the Pernerinsel, a semi-artificial island on the Salzach where a site is used for concerts and events and during the Salzburg Festival in summer.

The Celtic Museum in Hallein

The Celtic Museum in Hallein @CeBepuH/Flick

The three museums

The Celtic Museum in Hallein is located at Pflegerplatz no. 5 and is one of the most important Celtic museums in Europe. The building also houses the Silent Night Museum dedicated Franz Xaver Gruber, the Austrian composer, who composed the famous Christmas carol called the Silent Night, and a museum of the city of Hallein where is presented the history of the city and the history of the salt mine.

The building has a total of approximately 3,000 m² of exhibition space here functioning the Celtic Museum as well since 1970. The first Celtic Museum was opened in the city in 1882, designed to host exhibitions on Celtic art and history.

In the museum visitors can admire different objects that offer a compelling image of the Celtic world, emphasizing the life of the Celts in the Alps Mountains. Many items are from the archaeological discoveries of the Austrian Dürrnberg.

The famous Celtic Museum in Hallein

The famous Celtic Museum in Hallein @CeBepuH/Flick

Ticket prices

The Celtic Museum is opened daily between 09.00-17.00. The prices to visit the museums are the following: an adult ticket costs 6 euro, retirees have to pay 5 euros for children aged between 7 and 19 years, the cost of the ticket is 2.50 euros and for groups larger than 15 people, a ticket costs 5 euro. There are being organized guided tours as well that have prices ranging between 1.5 euros and 70 euros. The museum can also be visited with the entrance ticket of the salt mine in Hallein.

The city of Hallein

The city of Hallein @CeBepuH/Flick


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