Salzburg as the City of Winter Wonderland

Salzburg as the city of winter wonderland

Salzburg as the city of winter wonderland ©Gatanass/Flick

Salzburg is the city that makes you think that you live in the world of fairytales and despite its small size there is always something interesting to do.

During winter the city of Mozart is covered with snow and filled with carols, it transforms in a hibernal miracle with traditional Christmas markets, and also with resorts that attract winter sports enthusiasts around the world.

If you want an enchanting experience, you should visit Salzburg in the time of Advent, when this beautiful town turns to a city of winter wonderland.

Although Salzburg has 150,000 inhabitants, the city organizes every year more than 4,000 cultural events. The most famous of them is the Salzburg Festival, because of which the town became internationally famous. In terms of culture and events, the city makes no brakes.

The famous Christmas markets and decorations

You can enjoy the famous Christmas themed markets on the historical squares and in front of important buildings, the smell of cakes known as Lebkuchen and mulled wine or Glühwein that fills the air of the medieval streets. The largest market in the town of Salzburg is organized in the front of the cathedral on Domplatz, which is flooded with scents of almonds and roasted chestnuts, caramelized apples, and specific Christmas cookies during a month.

Christmas markets in Salzburg

Christmas markets in Salzburg ©mkromer/Flick

You should take a walk on the old small streets of the city, which are especially charming during this period of the year. The most beautifully decorated shops are usually of the Getreidegasse and the Goldegasse.

Christmas in Salzburg

Christmas in Salzburg © bortescristian/Flick

In December supremacy is held by wild creatures from ancient Celtic, pagan traditions, which dominate the old town, when “Krampusse” and “Perchten”, demons with bells and sticks teach the most courageous spectators about fear.

The town of music

Salzburg has always inspired famous composers. For example Mozart composed over 350 of his works in this beautiful town of winter wonderland.

Salzburg as the city of winter wonderland

Salzburg as the city of winter wonderland ©Gatanass/Flick

There are the routs of “Silent Night”, the most famous Christmas song in the world, and the Night Chapel in Oberndorf reminds us of Franz Xaver Gruber (music) and Josef Mohr (text), the creators of the song. The carol was performed for the first time in the chapel in 1818 and since than is has become a symbol of Christmas, being translated into over 200 languages.

The year starts with the Weeks of Mozart. This is an event at the end of January, when soloists and fantastic conductors with the most famous orchestras of the world, like Vienna Philharmonic, Concentus Musikus, Camerata Salzburg or the Mozarteum Orchestra pay tribute to the famous composer.

The statue of Mozart in Salzburg ©n_willsey

The statue of Mozart in Salzburg ©n_willsey/Flick

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