Renaissance Porch & Alpengarten Patscherkofel

Patscherkofelbahn ©ethersong/flickr
Patscherkofelbahn ©ethersong/flickr

The place where Tirol’s national hero, Andreas Hofer is buried is Hofkirche. It is a little cloister or enclosure yet a lovely Renaissance porch for relaxing, imagine a lofty Gothic nave with three aisles. You can find a gallery and small statues of the patron saints. Do watch out for that original wooden organ dated back to the year 1560 which is still functional today.

Alpengarten Patscherkofel

The Alpine Garden, Alpengarten Patscherkofel is a garden perched on the protected area of Mt Patscherkofel, it is 2248 meters above sea level. It offers many beautiful walk and this special garden houses a rare collection of plants such as tundra, timberline forests and elfin wood. The best period recommended to check out this garden is from June to September. This attraction is open from 9am to 5pm. Do not collect plants in this area, since it is a protected area, it is restricted and also, most of the plants growing here are poisonous. So, do heed a word of advise, do not touch the plants too. The stone pine is a great attraction though it is all the way on the top most. A panoramic view is led from that point, so you can see it in 360 degrees.

Patscherkofel mountain

Patscherkofelbahnen offers nice hiking routes from different challenge levels (easy to intermediate). South of Innsbruck, Patscherkofel offers scenic and superb views. Every cozy mountain huts you see, next to which are unique flora, perfect place for hikers. Great paradise for quality family fun at this perfect vista mountain near Tirol’s capital city.

At the Patscherkofel mountain and in the Patscherkofel Alpine Gardens, this is an amazing spot as it is Europe’s highest-lying botanical gardens that highlights more than 400 Alpine plants.

Hiking trails

In Summer, you can walk from mountain hut to mountain hut and revel in the natural yet splendid beauty of this unique alpine paradise. There is a great choice of hiking trails which you can simply pick on that suits your level of adventure. Summertime is from end of May to end of September. While October weekends is open at good weather conditions too.

New Snowpark

snowpark ©miumila/flickr

snowpark ©miumila/flickr

In winter, there is a new snowpark at 1900 meters high above, on this Innbruck’s local mountain. It is a crew built up snowpark concept which adapts perfectly to the hilly conditions of the terrain. Freestylers and all levels of riders can now test its diversity of obstacles, the quality and creativity within ten minutes of Innsbruck.

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