Planning Kid’s Winter Travel in Austria

Kids ©Robert Hammar Photography/flickr

Kids ©Robert Hammar Photography/flickr

There are full of choices for the destinations in Austria if you are planning a ski holiday this winter. In particular if you have small children, you can plan based on knowing what kind of winter sports your child or children will like. There are many child-friendly facilities you can look out for when planning a vacation for example, there are lifts that are specially for small children. If your child likes mountain snow skiing or even snowboarding, finding a facility with pistes and children’s courses is the most ideal. Some of these programs even cater special meals for the little ones. You may explore the options given at Weissensee, the Children’s Ski World.

Children’s Ski Seesaw & Adventure Parcours

You can find the Children’s Ski Seesaw, the first of its kind in Austria on the Riesneralm. In addition, there is the longest lift conveyer belt to pick up the little ones to the top safely. Your kids will love to hear there is a magic carpet, adventure parcours or obstacle course and even a bumpy train to entertain them.

Freely Accessible Children’s Playground

The full time day care with skiing programs or even without skiing is available. From mascots to children’s supervision. Look out for those ski regions with a granted seal of approval when you are planning your trip. To name a few regions to help you start off: Kashberg, Au-Schoppernau, Salzburger Land and Styria.

A place for both Young and Old

Toboggan run ©Lisby Brown/flickr

Toboggan run ©Lisby Brown/flickr

At McDumboland in Fieberbrunn/Pillerseetal, you can do winter hiking, sledging, ice cross downhill or even just enjoy the wellness activities. There are four tobogganing runs from 1km to 2.5km long and all floodlit daily. Take the bobsleigh course and then spend a wonderful evening in the alpine hut. One thing to note is these are only available at the correct snow conditions. This mountain valley is at the North East of Tyrol. The other villages are Hochfilzen, Waidring and St. Jakob in Haus. If you like little town, St. Jakob in Haus is quaint and coy with lots of beauty to offer.

Adventurous Children

Ice cross downhill is an activity for these adventurous kids. This activity is a mixed of boardercrossing and downhill with skates and ice hockey equipment. You kids will love those waves and curves for an amazing yet thrilling ride at Hausberg in the centre of Waidring.

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