Planning an Eco-friendly Travel to Austria

austria genusshotel ©genusshotel/flickr©genusshotel/flickr

You can travel in an eco-friendly way by train, bus or boat. An inexpensive way to go to the major destinations of Austria can be made through the offers from Austrian Federal Railways.

SparSchiene Austria is offering as little as 9 Euro with no stress, no traffic jams and totally environmentally friendly. You can use the tickets for transfer connections and the First Class travel is only 19 Euros. This is one of the best ways to travel eco-friendly in Autria. For other tips, check below… 

Boat Ride along the Danube River

By boat along the beautiful Danube, there are daily trip to and from Budapest and Bratislava. Rides to Passau and to Dürnstein and Hainburg. You can also visit the Schlosshof and Donauauen National Park by the themed cruises, as well as checking out the Melk Abbey, the Schönbühel Castle, and the blue tower in the town of Dürnstein. Weekend excursions to Linz can be interesting too.

Traditional Viennese Food

When you are in Austria, in particular its capital city Vienna, you ought to see Naschmarkt at Wienzeile over the 1.5 km long Wien River. It is Vienna’s biggest market where you can find fresh cheese, exotic herbs, kaiser rolls and torte. You can try the traditional Viennese food from Palatschinken to Kaiserschmarrn there too.

Satisfy your senses

All your senses will be delighted for music lovers, the Grafenegg Music Festival held in a historic castle, soaking in the world-class performances, and all surrounded by great culinary pleasures and beautiful architectures.

Innsbruck Old Town

Innsbruck’s Imperial that is deep in the alpine mountains with the distinct Tyrolean culture. Try the summit walk or Innsbruck’s Old Town stroll and uncover the labyrinth of medieval architecture and alleyways. See how the Golden Roof looks like and how those Gothic and Baroque 15th-century architectures are like.

Hohenfestung Salzburg

Luxuriate yourself at Mozart’s favourite Cafe Tomaselli on your way to Hohenfestung Salzburg. Stop by the Neoclassicist Opera House, sample the local produce at the farmers market in Graz. Be amazed by the Genusshotel Riegersburg, that is on the vineyard slope on the Styrian Castle Route about 65 kilometers east of Graz.

Check out the Seewinkel National Park, or have a vineyard brunch at Wagram for once in your lifetime. For more pampering, if you like spa with therapeutic springs, sauna, hotel and park, check out the Rogner Bad in Blumau.

Rust Nostalgia

Austria waldviertel, Photo by nikki_leaf/flickr

Waldviertel ©nikki_leaf/flickr

For a taste of nostalgia and nature lovers, you probably would just want to be at the charming lakeside village watching those white storks nestling or catching them in flight gracefully at Rust. In July, it is best to see the transformed Mohndorf, a small village in Waldviertel better known as the Forest Quarter in the Lower Austria. Lots of poppy and grey poppy seed. In a horse-drawn carriage, join the Poppy Trail and find out how tasty they are in pasta pockets, strudel, noodles and dumplings.

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