Must see attractions with history in Graz

The Town Hall of Graz

The Town Hall of Graz @ jasonb42882/Flick

The university city of Graz, the second largest settlement after Vienna is the capital of the federal state of Styria (Steiermark) and sits on the River Mur in southeastern Austria. Graz is the seat of the provincial government, a major industrial city with a Technical College and a University, various institutions, an Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. In the 19th century Graz became an important cultural center.

In 1938 the city reached the current size of the expansion, incorporating several neighboring villages. During the Second World War suffered serious damage but it was rebuilt. We present you some must see attractions with history in Graz.

The Town Hall of Graz

The new building of the town hall (Rathaus) of the city of Graz, built in the late nineteenth century on the southern side of the Rathausplatz, replaced the smaller Renaissance palace that lies ahead on the site.

The Town Hall of Graz

The Town Hall of Graz @ jasonb42882/Flick

The Congress Hall

Along the Town Hall of Graz rises an old palace, which in 1980 has been transformed into a modern congress center with multiple facilities for art performances. The building has two magnificent conference rooms and contemporary performance halls equipped with the latest technology. Here is the largest concert hall in town, the Stefannensaal.

The Stefannensaal in the Congress Hall of Graz

The Stefannensaal in the Congress Hall of Graz @pnt103/Flick

Attems Palace in Graz

The Palais Attems (Attems Palace) is the most interesting baroque palace in the city of Graz. Built between the years 1702-1716, it was probably designed by Johann Georg Stengg. It is worth to see the monumental staircase with frescoes and stucco ornaments and the ornated facades (inside and outside). The unitary decorations of the rooms with the stucco ceiling, delightful fireplaces and ceramic coated stoves are considered to be a testament to the standard of iving of the Austrian aristocracy in the Baroque period.

The Attems Palace in Graz

The Attems Palace in Graz @ Josef Lex (you are the best – world class folk!)/Flick

Building of the Land of Styria

The former headquarters of the Diet of Styria Diet is a Renaissance palace built in the middle of the sixteenth century. The front side with its logia and arched windows is a reminiscent of the Venetian style. So the facade of the palace is severe, while the courtyard with arches on three floors, balconies adorned with flowers, stairs and balconies give a special touch of elegance. In the courtyard are held performances during the summer and the palace currently serves as a meeting place for the Landtag – the Parliament of Styria. Do not miss the splendid courtyard with its galleries on three floors, connected by a raised driveway and fountain crowned by a bronze dome. This palace is a must see attraction with history in Graz.


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