Liechtenstein Museum and Gardens in Vienna

Liechtenstein Museum ©dlge/flickr

Liechtenstein Museum ©dlge

This museum is a special one that includes the Princely Collections. It has important European works of art and what you see is the world’s leading private art collections. The museum is named after the princely House of Liechtenstein and it has several locations. One of which is int he IX District Alsergrund of Vienna. The other is in the other part of Vienna called Bankgasse. Its highlights of the garden palace is the painted decor in the Palais. Mostly constributed by Antonio Belucci, Johann Michael Rottmayr, Marcantonio Franceschini and Andrea Pozzo.

Baroque Painters of the Museum

Andrea Pozzo is originally from Trento of Italy and he is a Baroque painter. He is well-known for producing grandiose frescoes and the technique he use is an illusionistic one called quadratura. If you heard of the Apollo and Diana kill the python, you know it is by Marcantonio Franceschini. He was the teacher of Giacomo Franceschini and also his father. The twenty six canvases of the love and seductions of the goddesses Diana and Venus is just one of his great work.

Schwarzenberg Palace Garden

About a kilometer away from the Liechtestein Museum is the Schwarzenberg Palace Garden that now belongs to the Hotel im Palais Schwarzenberg. This Baroque palace in the 3rd district of Vienna was constructed by Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt in 1697. You can find a riding school as well as an orangery nowadays when you visit this garden.


One of the largest features to see is the marble gallery called Marmorgalerie.  Mainly this building is used for events as well as festivities. It has parts which is of a five star hotel. At the Viennese square, Schwarzenbergplatz, a huge equestrain statue of Karl Philip or Prince of Schwarzenberg is displayed. He was the Austrian Field Marshal who fought in the Napoleonic Wars.

Other Parks and Gardens in Vienna

Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna

Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna

Other than the famous Schonbrunn Palace (Schloss Schonbrunn), the former residence of the Prince of Savoy, Belvedere Palace (Schloss Belvedere) is also worth spending a day there. If you want to tour the catacombs underneath a church, the Stephansdom or St. Stephen’s Cathedral may surprise you. For mountains and lookouts, Kahlenberg has a great view of the city to offer. Riesenrad, Hofburg gardens, Volksgarten or People’s Park are great for history buffs. If you are looking instead for a lovely but quiet place to explore and walk, try the Botanischer Garten or Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna.

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