Graz and What’s Free To Do

La Strada ©torremountain/flickrThe first recommendation on the list is La Strada. It is an art festival and you can roam the charming streets to check it out. The poetic power of cirque nouveau is happening from July to August for one and a half weeks and most of all, for free. You can see the two hundreds of street and puppet theatre productions. From acrobatics, street theatre, pantomime, children’s theatre and clown acts. Wonder, reflect and you can laugh together with like-minded people who are also interested in art by these 11 productions from France, Italy, Spain and Belgium.


This is an event in Graz and it is only two days within September held every year. You can see that during this time, the Old Town of Graz looks like a rural Styrian village. Here you can involved and find out about the great diversity of the Styrian traditions and customs. Their culinary specialities are also very interesting.

Murszene Jazz concerts

Happening in Mariahilferplatz, this is a music festival that is free. In July to August, every year, if you come to Graz, on an open-air stage. This event started since the migration of the Flea Market in 2006.

Jazz Summer Graz

Graz ©gromgull/flickrFrom June to August, the highlight of a musical utopia is the Styriate and ideal for music lovers. Styriate Festival was founded in 1985, where it was firstly Johann Sebastian Bach being featured in the first festival programme. Later, there were themes, and lately, homeland focus and it is mostly about Austrian homeland. Live performances may be expected citywide. Be it Jazz, or classical music. Even contemporary music concerts are available for you to see. Composers, orchestras are what melodious charms awaits you. Viola consort music from the Elizabethan era, Mozart in Stainz and Stabat Mater – all available at one stop. Enjoy them at historic open air venues these Bach, Mozart and chamber music performances. Saxophone chords can also be heard at Generalihof Square. If you like blues, world music, or even Balkan jazz, just hop over to the Marihilferplatz Square.


Never been to the Citybeach, then you gonna love this one that is until September. Dubstep, pop or even acoustic tunes, the sand-filled river bank has lots to offer. Be entertained by the great music as well as the various small food stands and bars in the entire area, all the way til half past eleven at night.

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