Fascinating Shopping Places in Vienna

Vienna Shopping Street ©Kliefi

Vienna Shopping Street

There are so many shopping malls and choices in Vienna. Literally, you can shop til you drop. One of the massive market along the Linke Wienzeile is the Naschmarkt. You can find it easily just right between U4 stops of Karlsplatz and Kettenbruckengasse. If you like to shop for something exotic, you can find at the western end of Kettengasse items like wines, olives, spices, cheeses and wonderful specialities such as kebab and felafel stands run by Middle Easterns or Indians. Other exotic places include the vinegar and oil place. It is a one stop to find twenty-four varieties of veg- or fruit flavoured vinegar. Balsamics of all kinds and many different types of flavoured oil. Fabrics, trinkets and jewellery can also be found at the market.

Brunnenmarkt and Glasfabrik

For those who are looking for the largest street market, you can find one in Vienna with an ethnic make up by Balkans and Turks. Here is where you can find fruits and vegetables, but you can find clothes, T-shirts. Again kebab houses and if you happened to be there on a Saturday, you should check out the Yppenplatz in order to see the best of Bauernmarkt. As for Glasfabrik, this place has an eclectic range of antiques dating from the 1670s to the 1970s.

Altmann & Kuhne

Another item you want to shop for is sweets when in Vienna. Here is a small but charming little shop stocked up with beautiful handmade packaging for delicious chocolates and sweets, bonbons with a hundred years reputation and a secret recipe.


Flea markets and this one to mention is the Vienna institution that is known to be one of the best in Europe. Lots of people from Vienna will be here on Saturdays. People seemed to enjoy shopping for old wares, even junks became attractive. Books, records, old postcards, carpets, clothes, ancient electrical goods, ornaments the list goes on and on. This is a place where you might want to be there early to avoid the crowds.


artup Austrian Design

artup ©artup.at

artup ©artup.at

Calling fashion accessories fans to the most hidden side streets and check out this place called, Art Up. It has many contemporary designs to showcase. You can find interesting accessories such as the Astroturf handbag, ceramics, art pieces of bigger sizes, elegant fashion pieces mostly produced by the home-grown talent with lots of vigour and vitality


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