Cultural Treasures of Tyrol

Tiroler Landesthereater

©Tohr, l'Alkimista/flickr

The cultural gem in Tyrol is the Tyrolean Provincial Theatre or “Tiroler Landestheater” which can be found near the historic Old Town in Innsbruck. It is surrounded by the Imperial Palace, the Hofgarten and the SOWI Faculty of Innsbruck University. It offers a diverse program for people with different tastes and interests in the arts scene. Quite a large house as it has a capacity of 800. Designed by Karl Probst from Munich, the theatre has repertoire that includes opera, drama, musicals, dance theatre and operettas, it has a basement studio theatre.

Tyrolean Provincial Museum

Next is the Tyrolean Provincial Museum which is the oldest museum in Central Europe. The key highlight of this museum is The Tyrolean Panorama. It is a 360 degree portrayal of the resettled from the Rennweg road to the Bergisel, mainly the third Bergisel battle.

This Cyclorama is on an area of greater than one thousand square meters, illustrating a historical event on the 13th August 1809. Big names like Michael Zeno Diemer and Franz von Defregger has a big contribution to this piece of art.

Third Bergisel Battle

Fought between the forces of Napoleon I of France and the Kingdom of Bavaria against Tyrolean militiamen, altogether there were four battles. A contingent of Austrian regulars were there too and this battle was specifically at Bergisel Hill. So it all happened on the 25 and 29 May, then 13 August and 1st November of 1809. There was the Tyrolean Rebellion and the War of the fifth Coalition.

Hofer ©keoni6130/flickr

Hofer ©keoni6130/flickr

Led by Andreas Hofer, the Tyrolean forces fought with the Bavarians led by French Marshal François Joseph Lefebvre. Finally the rebellion was suppressed. Napoleon was humiliated, 420 Bavarians of the 4th Light Infantry Battalion was captured. Towards the end, Hofer was betrayed to the French in 1810 and was shot on 20th February at Mantua in Italy.

Kaiserjäger Museum

What is amazing is the elevated platform that is movable by visitors. It has a faux terrain but it seems almost real. On curved canvas, blurred perspectives and three-dimensional picture views. Very fortunately, this Cyclorama survived both WWI and WWII unscathed. The other part is the Kaiserjäger Museum where you can journey through the historical milestones of Tyrol. Much of its culture can be experience and learned as it provides information about the people, nature, politics and religion. Most of all, how the Tyrolean fought for its freedom.

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