Best Walking Resorts in Austria

Rhein © beats fresh air, this we meant fresh mountain air coupled with a great scenery of crystal clear lakes. The most scenic Alpine resorts in Austria range from Innsbruck, Seefeld, Alpbach Valley, Hallstatt, Lake Constance Region, Vorarlberg, Bregenzerwald and Salzburger Land. Lake Constance Region is a special point with the lake on the Rhine. There are three amazing bodies of water namely the Obersee, Untersee and the Seerhein. The lake was formed by the Rhine Glacier during the ice age and now a zungenbecken or tongue-basin lake. Left behind by the ice mass, now it is filled with surface water from streams as well as precipitation. The province Vorarlberg offers lovely walks on the shores of the lake. You can also find gentle trails with chair lifts and cable cars that lift you up to the mountains. If you would like to taste the delicious food, there are cozy alpine huts to rest your feet and your soul.

Alpbach Valley

This is another colourful part of Austria. It is right next to Reith and Innsbruck. Balconies of flowers dotted the villages of Alpbach, timbered houses, historic inns and beautiful villages. You can enjoy your walk next to sparkling mountain brooks, seeing those pastures with grazing cattle and also walk through the woods. Great for any level of fitness and interests.

Seefeld or Hallstatt

Seefeld ©azeliaskitchen.netWhether you choose Seefeld or Hallstatt, you can be sure to enjoy a great time just simply walking. Seefeld is pretty sunny and it is a wonderful paradise, a real one that is if you are looking for a good climate and a place that offers stunning panoramic views. It is at 3600 feet high but with lots of easy to follow walking tours which you can choose from. From half hour tours to those with several hours, you can choose to explore the villages namely Reith, Leutasch, Mosern Buchen, Scharnitz. It is one of the ways to enjoy the learning about the Tyrolean way of life. A kind of immersion tourism. Whereas in the heart of Salzkammergut region, you can expect to see the pristine lakeside village Hallstatt. This world heritage site has four thousand five hundred years of history. At the highest Dachstein mountain of the region, the highlights include the ancient salt mines, and exploring the ice caves other than just hiking.

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