Austrian Culture and Composers

Mozart ©Walter A. Aue/flickr

Mozart ©Walter A. Aue/flickr

There are many Austrian cuisine which you can taste to understand more about its culture. Other than that, the Austrian classical music are also clues to more about the Austrian culture. First let’s start with the composers of the 18th century. The most well-known all around the world is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He has been known to start performing at the young age of five mainly after receiving musical education from his own father.

Franz Schubert and Johann Strauss

For Franz Schubert who studied organ, violin, piano as well as singing, he dedicated his entire childhood to the development of music. He even produced his first symphony, a 3 act opera, piano pieces and also string quartets. Johann Strauss Jr. of the 1825 was the first son. His father was a famous musician but stopped him in taking up a musical career. Despite all the resistance, he enjoyed violin lessons the most comparing to the academic school work. The life of Johann Strauss Sr of the 1804 is an interesting one for the influence of his childhood to the popular dance music. His father was an innkeeper and partly due to the location, it allowed many different countries’ music heard since his very young age. Usually the sailors who are stopping at the neighboring harbor on the Danube Channel where his father works exposed him and cultivated his interest and deepens his enthusiasm in the kind of music.

Falco and Johannes Brahms

Falco was another Johann. His real name is Johann Hölzl and he was born in Vienna in 1957. He also started at a young age and played in Spinning Wheel and another band called ‘Drahdivaberl’. Later he started his own solo and had a bestseller first album called ‘Einzelhaft’ that got really popular in 1982. The earlier Johannes Brams was also a son of a musician. For him, he travelled all around Europe and managed Vienna Singer’s Academy in the 1860s.

Beethoven and Haydn

Beethoven ©Tom Kaszuba/flickr

The other composer who is taught by Johann is Ludwig van Beethoven. He was an instrumentalist and also a singer. Those days he was in the service of Elector of Cologne at Bonn. At the same timing in 1730s was the eight year old Joseph Haydn who excelled in volin. He was not only a choirboy in Vienna servicing at the St. Stephen’s Cathedral but also studied different other keyboard instructions. Joseph Haydn was a young composer too.

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