Austrian Cuisine: The Cuisine of the Austro-Hungarian Empire

Austrian Cuisine ©The Black Azar/flickr

©The Black Azar/flickr

The cuisine of the Austro-Hungarian Empire is better known as the Austrian Cuisine. Those native regional traditional foods influenced by the Czech, Jewish, Italian as well as the Hungarians have its preparation methods borrowed. A good example is the Goulash.

Whether you are planning a trip to Austria or you are already in Austria, you are recommended to try these about to be mentioned delectable Austrian specialities.



Selchfleisch For Sauerkraut Lovers

The first and foremost: Selchfleisch. For sauerkraut lovers out there, the Selchfleisch (Smoked Meat and Dumplings) will make a great main course. If you would like to try something with a spicy flavour, there is a spread called Liptauer that is made with cottage cheese and this spicy spread is eaten with slices of bread. Small eaters are eating it like a main course.

One of therecommended Austrian cuisine you should not missed is Marillenknodel (Stuffed Dumpling with apricot), it is made with potatoes dough topped with streusel.


The Beuschel (Veal or Calf Lungs and Heart Ragout) is rather a traditional meal. This meal is made with lungs and heart organs which are boiled for hours together with vegetables such as carrots, parsley root, celery root, onion and bay leaves. The vessel parts are then chilled, after which cut into tiny pieces. It is boiled in a creamy sauce and served with an Austrian bread dumpling. Just a word of reminder though, this meal is heavy. Hence it is recommended to eat Beuschel in the winter.


Austrian food, germknodel


This is a kind of dough dumpling filled with spicy plum jam and it has the first appearance of a dessert. For some people, it is eaten as a main course. You can easily recognize it from its spherical or bun-shaped dough that is topped with poppy seeds garnishing and vanilla cream. The ingredients used in this Austrian dish are simply flour, egg, butter, sugar, dried yeast, milk and jam. They say it is not that easy to make it and I have to tell you it is extremely delicious, especially with the vanilla cream.

Gulasch or Goulash

Gulasch is the same as Goulash. It is a hotpot just like the Hungarian Stew. This very delicious stew is made of meat and vegetables such as potatoes, paprika and spices. However, if you are a soup lover, you should try the Rindsuppe (Beef Soup) and Tafelspitz (Beef boiled in Broth).

Powidl, Plum Stew

Powidl is an Austrian plum stew prepared without addition of any sweeteners or gelling agents. So only harvested plums which are after the first frosts are used as it gives enough sugar content in itself. Usually Powidl is eaten in a sandwich as a spread. The most important step to the success of a good Powidl is stirring. Cloves and a cinnamon stick are boiled together gently for more than three hours to get this sweet and spicy plum stew.

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