Austria Inspired for an Artistic Pursuit

©Matthijs (NL)/flickr

©Matthijs (NL)/flickr

Vienna is really a great place to visit particularly people with an artistic pursuit like music, orchestra, drama and dance. It is a city with many world-renowned composers and musicians. From the Mozarthaus Vienna of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to the house of Ludwig van Beethoven. You can even see the last apartment of Josephn Haydn and the house of Franz Schubert.

Konzerthaus in Vienna

Wiener Konzerthaus or the Konzerthaus in the third district is a traditional and innovative multi purpose building. It dated back to 1913 when this sound-proofed building was built by Ferdinand Fellner and Hermann Helmer together with Ludwig Baumann. What you see now was reconstructed from its original art nouveau sketches. Today, you still can see the historic organ installed by Rieger and the Vienna Symphony Orchestra as well as Wiener Singakademie and Klangforum Wien in residence.

Vienna Conservatory

This Konservatorium Wien is rather a private music conservatory institution in Austria. It is open to the entry of foreign students who speaks German and offers course work related to orchestral instruments. If you like Harp or Guitar, music composition, conducting, jazz, opera, early music, acting, ballet or operetta, here is the place with great professors. Great visit for worldclass training seeking people who has an artistic inner talents and wish to reach music or artistic teaching credentials. Whether you want to be dancers, singers, actors or instrumentalists. It is near to the Musikverein, the Konzerthaus, the Vienna State Opera and the Theater an der Wien to facilitate an academic exchange between such professionals.

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra



In German, the Vienna Philharmonic is known as Wiener Philharmoniker. It is an orchestra and not an ordinary one as it is one of the finest in the world. It consists of members specially chosen from the Orchestra of the Vienna State Opera. Only musician who had proved themselves qualify. Its inception was in 1842 and it has since been the best in the Central European orchestral tradition. It is also the first completely self-governing orchestra.

Franz Liszt Concert Hall in Raiding

Everyone knows Franz Liszt is a world-famous pianist and composer. He spent his first ten years in Raiding and then he left to Vienna and Paris. To visit now this Liszt Museum in Raiding, you get to see the original possessions like sheet music, photographs, music samples and of course, the historic Erard grand piano.




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