Artistic Programs in Austria

Liszt at Raiding

Liszt at Raiding

Until October in Raiding, be dazzled by Franz Liszt, one of the most prominent composer of the Romantic era. Liszt Festival in Raiding. Liszt is not just a musical talent, he is a composer of gigantic oeuvre. Coming June, There are Piano Cycles such as ‘Liszt MaraTONE’, Orchestra and chamber music Cycle, Vocal cycle such as ‘Liszt & Tschaikowsky’ and ‘Love dreams’. Liszt was a piano virtuoso and see how Johannes und Eduard Kutrowatz transformed and made Liszt Festival Raiding with commemorative concerts in June and October of 2012. Raiding is the birth place of Franz Liszt, expect lots of participants internationally to the venue designed by Rotterdam studio of Kempe Thill. Accoustics is the top best, the European dean of acoustics Prof. Karlheinz Muller from Munich and you can be assured ‘Sight, Sound and Experience’ of a lifetime.

Kunsthistoriches Museum

Until 6th May in Vienna, check out the preliminary sketches for Klimt’s 1890 decoration of the grand staircase as well as the 13 paintings at the Museum of Fine Arts. Visit this foremost museums in the world that features artwork since the Ancient Egypt times of the 7Millennia til the late 18th century. Baroque and Renaissance art collections, Historical Musical instruments, Collection of Arms and Armour, Ephesus Museum, as well as the Collection of Historical Carriages.

Bregenz Spring



Bregenz Spring International Dance Festival is held in Bregenz, the capital of Vorarlberg. This part is the westernmost of Austria, slightly bigger in area than Vienna. Lake Constance is pretty much a mentioned when you speak about Bregenz. It is on the Rhine a the foot of the Alps. You can find an upper lake (Obersee), the lower lake (Untersee) and the Seerhein which is a connecting stretch of the Rhine. The three major islands in the lake are the Lindau, the Mainau Island and the Reichenau Island. Lindau is rather a Bavarian town, on the eastern side of Lake Constance. Mainau Island is like a garden island and a baroque palace. It is also home to an extraordinary diversity of flowers, trees and shrubs. Reichenau Island can be recognize from far, you can see the long tree-lined boulevard. It has lots of protected reed landscapes, so smell the fresh fragrance of the herbs on this island and of vine growers. Old churches other than vineyards, greenhouses and fields of lettuce alternates. See the 100 family businesses that share the cultivation area of 160 hectares, from chives, to cauliflower to parsley.


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