Architectural tourist attractions in the city of Bludenz

The resort of Bludenz

The resort of Bludenz ©1banaan/Flick

Located in Vorarlberg, Bludenz is the center of the district with the same name in Austria. Surrounded by mountains, the city is situated at the meeting point of five different valleys: the Klostertal Valley, the Montafon Valley, the Walgau Valley, the Brandnertal Valley and the Gross Walsertal Valley. Although surrounded by an extraordinary landscape, the city of Bludenz is especially known for the Gayenhofen castle, built in the eighteenth century.

There you can find some impressive architectural tourist attractions as well that include the Saint Lawrence Church and the Municipal Museum of Bludenz.

The beautiful surrounding of Bludenz

The beautiful surrounding of Bludenz ©hirnschmalz_at/Flick

The Saint Lawrence Church in Bludenz

The Saint Lawrence Church in Bludenz is a beautiful building with an impressive tower that rises above the city, being one of the most important architectural tourist attractions of the town.

First of all you should know that the church tower of St. Lawrence has one hundred and thirty-eight steps, but the view from the top will leave you breathless. From here the city has a different shape and the mountains not seem to be so high. All those who come to Bludenz, visit the tower for a few photos to enjoy the fresh air and great view. The walls are blackened by the many rains, giving the feeling that you are somewhere in the past, not in the twenty-first century. Interior is beautifully decorated with artworks made ​​by local artists and others as well.

If you wish, you can attend the services officiated at the Church of Saint Laurent in Bludenz this way experiencing the local atmosphere.

Bludenz at night

Bludenz at night ©jujussel/Flick

The Municipal Museum of Bludenz

To understand better the history of the place and the region around Bludenz, tourists really need to see the City Museum. It is located in the cultural center of the settlement, so it can be easily reached. Besides of that, you will find many cafes and restaurants near the museum where you can relax.

The Municipal Museum is a famous tourist attraction in Bludenz and worth visiting mainly because it has a beautiful architecture. The interior is however even more special because there are numerous exhibits, such as documents and manuscripts relating to the history of the city, traditions, and crafts practiced during the past times by the people of that area. The information about religion are not missing as well, the museum representing the place where tourists choose to come when they are for the first time in Bludenz. The jovial and friendly atmosphere inside of the museum will make you feel very good, the visit being definitely one that you will remember.

The museum is opened in most periods of the year so you can enjoy it anytime you come here. You can visit from Tuesday to Sunday on any day. The ticket prices differ depending on the age, but they are modest, as all tourists being able to visit it.


The resort of Bludenz

The resort of Bludenz ©1banaan/Flick

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