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Hotel in Austria

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Pensions are widespread and popular in Austria. They are usually run by a family and offers modest accommodation, breakfast and a family atmosphere, as guests know their hosts. Most of the rooms have bathrooms and toilets, and some telephone, TV and balcony. In smaller towns and villages, the hosts often invite their guests at night to small parties with music, dancing, barbecue.

A Gasthofe is a traditional inn with restaurant downstairs and rooms for rent the upstairs. This category includes a wide variety of venues, from small and cheap family hotels to the most luxurious, splendidly restored country inns.

At the private owners you can find relatively cheap accommodation in Austria. In popular tourist areas the owners of villas and larger houses usually have room for rent. Vacancies are indicated by the announcement Fremdenzimmer or Zimmer frei. Standard features vary. Some rooms have own bathroom, other rooms have common bathroom. Breakfast can also be included in the room or not.

Family holiday on a farm

Families with children often prefer to spend their holiday at a rustic household. There is a vast network of such farms, fully equipped to receive tourists. At some of them you have to prepare your own meals, others operate on the half-pension scheme, ensuring accommodation and breakfast. On some farms you may ride, rent bikes, boats or fishing equipment, so you might have a full program of outdoor activities for the whole family. You can get information about a holiday at a Bauerbof (farm), with photos, detailed descriptions and price lists from tourist offices.

Holiday destination in Austria

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Mountain hotels and accommodation places

You can find mountain hotels and shelters along the main hiking trails. Even in Vienna. On the banks of the Danube, at an altitude of 155 m, is a picturesque cottage but is reserved exclusively for groups. In Lower Austria is a large number of hotels, some at relatively low altitude. In the Senior Alps tourists can find numerous lodges or shelters. In general, they have rooms for two, three or more people sleeping on simple mattresses. The more you climb up the mountain, the less luxurious the chalets are. At the hotel you will find information on local trails, climbing conditions and weather.

Hotel in Austria

Hotel in Austria ©Sporthotel Achental/Flick

Depending on the popularity of the area and season, hotels are opened all year or only in the summer months, usually until late September or October. Some work only on weekends, even in summer, or by appointment. Others are closed one day a week in Rubetag (day off).

Accommodation in Austria

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