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Who are we?

The Austria Wanderer team is made up of a bunch of experienced travelers who learned a lot about Austria and who are willing to share their experiences of this amazing country with the world. Our main goal remains to provide a comprehensive summary each journeyer could use before visiting Austria, thus including travel guides and tips, visa advice, governmental security notices, landmarks and must-see sights all over Austria.

Furthermore, our blog is a great site for planning a trip too. We are keen to support one booking their Austrian getaway by collecting last minute vacation deals, discounted hotel rooms and cheapest airfare tickets to the most visited destinations of Austria. Besides our enthusiasm for Austria, we also obtained nearly a decade long experience in the US travel industry making part of the Wanderer Guides Network of travel blogs.

What can you find here?

Along the classic and common topics of this region (like getting around, things to do and see) we try to comprehend those undisclosed topics as well, like eco-friendly travel, the Unesco cultural sights of Austria and Orchestras and Concert Halls in Vienna.

Check out the guides of this blog to find the best sights and nightlife, learn what are the best nature and outdoor activities and read about art and culture versus shopping travel in Austria.

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Your feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated. Advice us on what should we add to our site by sending an email to editor(AT)wandererguides(DOT)com.

Do not hesitate to contact us with partnership requests, guest posts, contests and advertising requests or anything coming to your mind.

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