7 tips for visiting Vienna on a budget

Vienna from air

Vienna from air ©roger4336/Flick

Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It is a metropolis with a unique charm. The city is ideal for all types of holidays. It is a perfect place for couples looking for a romantic and relaxing getaway, fun for young people, with all shops, shopping, sightseeing and nightlife, bustling, full of interesting things for culture enthusiasts as it is filled to the brim with monuments and museums, is an obligatory stop for lovers of classical music and Mozart fans. If you have never been to Vienna and you have a limited budget for such a vacation, follow our steps for visiting Vienna on a budget.

1. Travel Guide

It is recommended that you get a guide that includes detailed information about cheap hotels, shops and restaurants. Thanks to the maps and details of the guide, you can make a foot trip to the sights that are in the same area. This way you can make a trip in Vienna on a budget.

Vienna from air

Vienna from air ©roger4336/Flick

2. The chosen period

Generally, Vienna is a city constantly visited by many tourists, so the extra season is not really long. You can go after the winter holidays until the second half of spring or in late autumn until the Christmas holiday season begins. This way you will find a little lower hotel prices.

3. Vienna Card

The Vienna Card Tourist Pass offers 210 discounts and the Pass price is 18.50 euros per person. The Vienna Card you have unlimited travel by metro, bus and tram for 72 hours. You have other discounts in 210 museums and tourist attractions, theaters, shops, restaurants, cafes and wineries, so can visit them on a budget.

Museum in Vienna

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4. Free sights

Like any European metropolis, Vienna has sights that can be visited for free. The Donauinsel, also known as the Danube Island is a recreation area with bars, restaurants, nightclubs, with numerous sport activities, from walking to canoe rolls. The Danube Island also has a beach where you can enjoy the sun and the water. You can still visit many gardens and parks of Vienna.

5. Transportation

To spend less money on public transportation, you can opt for transport cards for longer periods as 24h, 72h, a week or a month.
Regarding ticket prices, you should look for a promotion at one low cost company.

Traveling by bus in Vienna

Traveling by bus in Vienna ©El Gran Dee/Flick

6. Accommodation

You can find hostels and hotels in Vienna with low and average prices at almost any time of year, except the holiday seasons.

7. Food and drink

Eating and drinking in Vienna has average prices, a main dish costs about 10-15 euros in a restaurant. If you want to make savings, you can search one of the bars with very low prices in Vienna, where drinks start at 1 euro. You can find fresh produce markets with low prices. You can make a stop in Naschmarkt, one of Vienna’s most popular markets to taste the cheese, olives and various meats. However, you should try more stands before buying anything to see how prices vary. The weekend is not a good idea to visit a well known market because it could be full with people.

Restaurant in Vienna

Restaurant in Vienna ©Shadowgate/Flick

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