3 attractions in Gmunden

The Esplanade of Gmunden

The Esplanade of Gmunden ©Initiative Denkmalschutz/Flick

The Lake of Traun, with its depht of 191 m, is the deepest lake in Austria and the second largest in the region of Upper Austria, after Lake Attersee. With a length of 12 km and a width of 3 km, it occupies a total area of 24 km ² and is located at 422 m above sea level. The beach of Gmunden in on the Lake of Traun (Traunsee).

The Esplanada is a promenade that stretches on the shore of the Traunsee, between the Tuscany Park and the City Hall of Gmunden, along the road artery of the Scharnsteiner Straße, with an overall length of about 1.5 km.

The Traunsee in Gmunden

Since it is an alpine lake on its banks rises more mountains, the highest in the eastern part of the lake being the Traunstein ( 1,691 m). The city of Gmunden and the Traunsee are generally visited in the summer because offers many recreational opportunities, such as: beach, swimming, diving, water skiing, surfing or navigation. There are more ships, the most famous being the Gisela, built in 1871 and named after the daughter of the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I. Tourists can also go on the mountain trails or climb the Sailbahn Grunberg by cable car, where they have a great panorama and a view over the lake. On a small island in the lake lies the Ort Castle. Around the lake are ski resorts for winter sports enthusiasts.

Sport activities on the Traunsee

Sport activities on the Traunsee ©deischi/Flick

The beach of Gmunden

The beach is one of the top tourist attractions in Gmunden, it can be found at Toscanapark no. 1, it has an area of ​​6000 m² and a capacity of 2500-3000 persons. The Toscanapark is a park located near downtown on the shore of the Traunsee, here tourists can find accommodation, dining venues, and other attractions such as the Ort Castle. The activities that can be practiced in Gmunden include swimming, diving, water skiing, different types of surfing, sailing, tennis or horseback riding. On the beach is also arranged a heated swimming pool, a 7 m jumping trampoline, a slide, 2 terraces for nudists and eight berths for vessels. The bank is not steep, it is ideal for children, there being arranged playgrounds for them.

The shore of the Traunsee

The shore of the Traunsee ©korom/Flick

The Esplanade of Gmunden

Those who choose to walk on the Esplanade of Gmunden have a great view of Lake Traun and the Salzkammergut Mountains, situated around it. The old buildings near the lake, the City Hall, the Esplanade Hotel, the Castle of Ort the Toscana Park and old tram that starts here and goes to the ceramics factory are other attractions for tourists who come here.

The Esplanade of Gmunden

The Esplanade of Gmunden ©Initiative Denkmalschutz/Flick

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