3 architectural attractions in Feldkirch

View of Feldkirch and the Katzenturm

View of Feldkirch and the Katzenturm ©shaochu7588/Flick

We present you 3 architectural attractions of the beautiful city of Feldkirch. The St. Nicholas Cathedral is located at the Cathedral Square of Feldkirch and it is the largest Gothic church in the Province of Vorarlberg. The Katzenturm was built between 1491-1507 as part of the old city wall, presently situated in the city center. The tower has a height of 40 m, and its circumference is 38 m.

The Churertor Gate is situated in the old center of Feldkirch, at the intersection with the Montfortgasse street, at Churer Tor no. 8. The Churertor is known as the “Gate of salt” due to the salt depot nearby.

The St. Nicholas Cathedral

The first St. Nicholas Cathedral in Feldkirch was consecrated in 1287, being originally built outside the city walls. Because of the fires that occurred in the city between 1348 – 1460, the church was almost completely destroyed and was rebuilt in 1478 by architect Hans Sturn.

The bell tower is preserved since 1479, the pulpit is from 1520, the shrine dates from 1521 and was rebuilt in 1875, and the altar of the Lady Chapel, built in neo -Gothic style, dates from 1905. In the church you can also find stained glass windows made ​​by Martin Häusle, the main organ made by the Metzler Sons, a bell built by Michael Hafner and two bells built by George Hauser, a statue of the Virgin Mary with the baby Jesus carved in stone, and the statue of Saints Peter and Paul made ​​by Hans Thomann. In 1924 the Austrian architect Clemens Holzmeister raised a monument dedicated to the soldiers who died in war.

On August 12, 1968 the church of St. Nicholas became the diocesan cathedral.

The city of Feldkirch

The city of Feldkirch ©SphotoE/Flick

The Katzenturm in Feldkirch

Since the seventeenth century the Katzenturm or the Tower of Cats was converted into a bell tower, being originally built with battlements. The belfry hosted the biggest bell in the region of Vorarlberg since 1665, but in 1857 Josef Anton Grassmayr makes a larger bell weighing 8573 tons, as the old bell is considered too small. On this occasion was built the wooden belfry as well. On major holidays you can here the sound of the bell tower in the entire city of Feldkirch.

View of Feldkirch and the Katzenturm

View of Feldkirch and the Katzenturm ©shaochu7588/Flick

The Churertor Gate

The Churertor Gate was part of the old city wall, built before 1270 and rebuilt in 1491. Recently, the gate was completely restored. The tower has six floors and is the only one that has been preserved in Vorarlberg and from the 5 original gates of the city have been preserved until today only the Chur and the Muhletor.

The gate was the official residence of the guard in the salt deposit and the guards of the Chur gate lived in a home near the gate. The gate was very important for the salt trade made with Switzerland over the river that crosses the city of Feldkirch.

Castle in Feldkirch

Castle in Feldkirch ©TFDuesing/Flick


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