10 things that you shouldn’t do in Austria

Hotel in Austria

Hotel in Austria ©Keith Laverack/Flick

Austria has become in the recent years an even more popular tourist destination. Te visitors of the coutry either choose to see the beauties of the elegant Vienna or to try the worldwide famous Austrian ski slopes.

But when you go to Austria you should also know that there are certain important things you should keep in mind during your visit. These things were observed by tourists who already visited Austria and they offer it to those who are going to visit the country. Let’s see what are the 10 things that you shouldn’t do in Austria.


Interacting with locals

Do not stay sticked to large groups and try to interact with the locals as much as you can. Try to find rather small groups and talk to people you meet in your way, especially if you have questions.. Do not worry if you do not know German, many Austrians speak English, at least at the basic level, so you’ll be able to talk to them.

If you spend more time in the country and you don’t want to stay in one place, you can move. However, don’t try to see everything, because it is simply impossible. Try to schedule your vacation considering the fact that every location has something that wort to be seen. Many of the tourists who visited Austria say that you would need a holiday of at least two weeks if you don’t want to see the country in rush.

Salzburg in Austria

Salzburg in Austria ©Allie_Caulfield/Flick

Visit Austria out of the season

Do not choose to see Austria during the tourist season, especially during the winter holidays, because you have to face crowded cities, busy roads and full hotels. If you want an Austrian holiday, think of a time toward the end of the season or out of season and make your reservations in time.

Something that you shouldn’t do in Austria is buying things that you don’t really need. Regarding the souvenirs, try to get oriented to the less popular places and objects that represent local authenticity. The duty-free shops or supermarkets are not a bad idea.

Hotel in Austria

Hotel in Austria ©Keith Laverack/Flick

What not to do in bars and restaurants

Do not ask for tap water when you go to a bar or restaurant in Austria. Do not do this even if you ask for a cup of water from a local. Asking for tap water in Austria may be the interpreted as a disrespectful behavior. Do not forget that Austria has access to one of the most important reserves of fresh water from the Alps. If you don’t want to drink mineral water, you can ask for the original water of the Alps. Besides this, you should know that in some cafes in Austria, if you ask for a  a coffee, you will get a glass of water as well.

Do not accept to be treated with disrespect by waiters. If you are dealing with such characters, do not hesitate to go to the boss room, the local head offices or even to the tourist offices in the main cities. Think that such steps will save  of possible trouble the ones who come after you.

Your documents always must be with you: passport, ID and proof that you are staying somewhere. This way you will not risk to have trouble with the authorities if they stop you for identification in Austria.

Shopping place in Austria

Shopping place in Austria ©AshuGarg/Flick

Apply the rules of politeness

When you enter the small shops or when you get to the cash of a large department store, do not act like you are in the middle of the desert. Say hello to the cashier and to the person you opens the door. This will bring you extra respect from them. Besides that, the locals appreciate such gestures, just because Austrian people appreciate people with good manners.

Do not make jokes or comments about the Nazi past of Austria or Germany, this topic is not well received in this country.

Watch your step when you walk down the street. Austrians have many dogs and they generally do not clean after them when they take them out to a walk. Regard of this, you should remember that you shouldn’t comfort of a dog without asking for the permission of the owner; it is considered as a lack of politeness. Also, try to respect the intimate space (immediate vicinity of a person) of the Austrians, try to limit direct and close contact with them, because their personal space in very important for them.

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